Sam Cooper / October 24th, 2019 / Photo Journal
Photo Journal: Sam Cooper #49

After a few failed attempts to start shooting for something with Dan over the last year, we have finally got started. We both give thanks for our renewed vigour that has been spawned by the joint excitement created by a new project. Each weekend we meet up and head to the spots that had diligently researched during the week before while simultaneously praying to the weather gods for some of the good stuff. This weekend our prayers were answered, and as such the spot list created in the week was live and ready for a run through.

We started the day off in the seaside town of Clevedon, a detail that doesn’t really matter. In reality it was just another school, in another small town, that just so happened to have a nice spot to start the day on. It all looked far too perfect up till then, and that was where the day being an ease came to an abrupt end for Dan! This simple but very stylish Mizou was the last trick on this spot before Dan took a pretty hefty shot to the crown jewels via the trusty means of spliting the rail. Despite obvious pain and knock to his pride, Dan still soldiered on to the second spot of day where he got worked over yet again. He came away from that spot victorious with a great picture and clip for his troubles, that we’ll add to the media collected for the new project. It’s easy to crack on when it’s all going your way, but it takes something special to power on through when things get tough… bruised bollocks and all. — Sam Cooper

Discussion / Photo Journal: Sam Cooper #49

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