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5 Best Enders (Lines)

The ender is the orgasm, what we have all been waiting for. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not so much. Every so often, you get a cherry on top. That is the ender line. When one massive trick just isn’t enough, you throw in additional elements of consistency and danger to push it to the next level. Here are five beauties.

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One man has pushed the level of athleticism and daredevilry more than any other. Personally, this style of blading always seemed so far removed from my own existence that I couldn’t subscribe to it. Killerboots was released around the same time as Road To Nowhere. The two videos really exemplified the schism that was widening as Haffey pushed further into the nowhere zone while I was more satisfied doing curb souls with Sean Santamaria. I remember fierce messageboard battles that raged over which was better, or more appropriately, “right.” In a way, the battle still rages on but it seems to just be a rehashing; maybe the roles have switched and the curb grinders are in majority. Anyway, Haffey frontsides a rail I would never touch before the medspin 540 over a large nine block. I must have missed that in my ignorance.


How long has he been doing this? I feel like Michael Bro was built for totally unorthodox stunts. Raised on the crumbling terrain of the south and fluid in the influence of Dunkle or Thompson, the way he chooses to approach obstacles is somewhere between visionary and banal. I remember him doing a makio to tall drop on a tiny pillar block with very little run up. This section is one of my all time favorites (despite lacking Garrett Slobey) because it was such a brilliant use of terrain. It is a video game fantasy with an ender of superhuman proportions.


This section is a touch before my time but I’ve still built my own mythologies around one of rollerblading’s avant-garde. Body shuffles, zero spins, no-grab (whether or not you liked it) and some of the most powerful skating to date, Jon Elliott kept pushing rollerblading both aesthetically and technologically. He molded the image of Razors and brought us Ground Control. Looking back however, it’s weird he skates to Hotel California. I hate the fucking Eagles.


Is it so much a line? It’s two tricks that aren’t directly connected by grind, leap or manual. I’ll call it a line, a kinda bonkers one at that.


A great line. A satisfying ender. A crowd’s applause. This one has it all. 2011/12 was really Richie’s breakout year but he’s been around forever. Rather harshly classified as the one guy who can do every trick on that one rail (you know the one), I think he came of age around The Regina Monologues. He took his massive technical arsenal and started to expand where and how he was utilizing it. This ender is an encapsulation of him as a blader.

Thomson Dryjanski

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