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BladerGang Worldwide (The ITW)

Erick, you just announced the BladerGang Worldwide release, set for April 20th. Anything more you can say about it?
What I’m droppin’ on the 20th is the tour part of the video (Mexico, New York, Barcelona, Puerto Rico, and California) — basically five sections released as one part. Shortly after that will follow the profile sections.

Who all will we see in the video?
Every tour had different people on it, and we also got to skate with the locals from every place so the list of people in this part of the video is hella long.

Just as important as who’s in the video is who’s behind the project. You said that you’d roped in some heavy hitters to lend a hand, too. Joe Navran and JC and Vinny… How is the collaborative process for you?
Dope as hell. I got to work with the people I looked up to growing up.

Can you take us back to the very beginning of BladerGang and walk us through how the name and clique came to be?
It originally started as Franky, Myself, LARJ, J Bah, Dre, Murda and Aragon. Everyone around us is like family so they took to it and the shit grew from there. Now the Instagram hashtag is at like 13/14k from kids all over the world.

How has the mileage and time and the changing cast of characters impacted that original BG vision? Or has it — are things just as they were always supposed to be?
It only got better as time went by. For a while I felt like it was coming to an end on some FP type shit, ’cause of the drama that was going on with the companies and everyone moving away, but it all turned out straight. Now we’re deep as fuck!

On a semi-unrelated note, we see you on Instagram with ASAP Ferg and whatnot, kicking it in Harlem World as I think you call it. How did that relationship come about and has it helped with things like music rights?
lol… I was living in Harlem last year and one of my street niggas from out there introduced me to my bro, ASAP Relli, who was starting his company “TRVPGXD” at the time, and I did hella designs and visuals for him. And it grew from there. S/o my ASAP MOB niggas, too bad that new L.O.R.D album ain’t drop before the 20th.

Not too long ago you went online and said something to the effect of no more online edits this year. By my count you’re at two with the recent USD edits and this might make three. Ha ha. How’s that working out?
I wanted to focus on this project instead of dropping hella online edits but that didn’t work out. I’m still under contract which means I still gotta make online content for the brands I work for and support me. Plus my bro Franky just launched GAWDS so if he needs anything I’m gonna be there for that.

Once this drops, what’s the next project?
The profile sections will drop shorty after.

Anything else we all gotta know before 4/20 and the BladerGang.Worldwide drop?
Go copp some BG swagg at and support everyone in the industry who is making cool shit.

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