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ONE Awards [2019] **VOTE NOW**

2019… it was a year! It’s almost over! Blading changed again this year, which is further evidence that our community continues to develop and evolve. There are more types of blading and ways to consume/share your blading than ever before. Against that backdrop, it’s fascinating to see which figures and personalities can manage to stand out with such a crowded, competitive and decentralized group. But as you’ll see below, that’s just what happened. From the growth of Them and the rise of new events featuring a whole heap of new, young talented skaters, 2019 was another of progress in the right direction. And as always, the annual ONE Blade Awards reflect those yearly variations thanks to your continued involvement.

With nearly 1,000 invidiual nominations, your input helped determine this spread of Blade Awards Finalists, the most noteworthy bladers, brands, products and events that deserve special recognition for their involvement with blading in 2019.

Now here are the TOP THREE finalists from each category.

Who will win?!


Answer all 15 questions then hit SUBMIT. Voting ends 12/28!

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Discussion / ONE Awards [2019] **VOTE NOW**

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  • EG Lately - December 22nd, 2019

    Ricardo Lino is a great man!

  • Dave Carter - December 25th, 2019

    Ricardo Lima should have been included in the best influence question.

  • Ricardo Lino - December 27th, 2019

    Nahhhhh, I’m wack.

  • Milton Izquierdo - December 27th, 2019

    I think that will be Cj Wellsmore and Takechi Yasutoko

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