PHOTO JOURNAL: Angelo Ferrer #2

Mute 180

Sean Grossman has exceptional talent, making him an up-and-coming New York City skater. While coming out of Long Island, NY, to shoot for, we came across a double set that Sean and I instantly knew would make an awesome photo. Recently, Sean attempted a huge gap and ended up hitting his head really badly, but being the fearless skater that he is, he decided to jump this gap only two weeks after the accident. This time, however, Sean came prepared and was fully protected. Soon, after two attempts came up short of clearing the gap, he came at it twice as fast and jumped twice as far, landing the gap on his third attempt. It is great to see up-and-coming skaters perform at a level that is almost equally nostalgic and euphoric. He jumped so fast that I thought I wasn’t going to be able to capture it; with nothing but natural light, I was able to capture a glimpse into what it feels like to be hovering in the air on a 20 ft gap. — Angelo Ferrer

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You can see the clip of his accident in this ediit