SOUND CHECK: Wrong Crowd

An interesting thing about the band Wrong Crowd is that Brenton Wheeler is on drums. They toured and John Haynes caught up with them to shoot pics. This is what he got. — ONE

I am not a music writer or even really a writer for that matter. I am not sure how to critique music; I do enjoy a lot of music and spend most of my waking hours listening to it in some fashion, but I prefer to stay out of the quibbling, nit-pickery of being a “music guy.” I will tell you about the time i went to see the Wrong Crowd jam out, and what I thought of it. I biked to a bar on the outskirts of St. Paul called the Turf Club. It’s the kind of place that you can get beer, whiskey, potentially a rum and Coke (that will make you gay), or beer. I like bars like that, so score one already for Wrong Crowd. They were opening for a local band called Vampire Hands which was cool, too, but I left because I was sick and drunk. Wrong Crowd features Brenton Wheeler on drums, Christian O’Riely on bass, Rory Campbell on Guitar, and Taylor Triano singing, though she is not usually part of the outfit. Like I said, I was kinda drunk so I don’t really remember much besides liking the show a lot. They rocked and you could tell they enjoyed rocking me. If you get a chance to see them, please do it, they kick tons of ass. Check them out for yourself. — John Haynes

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