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WEB ROLL 42: Let the New Times Roll

There has never been a human being born who didn’t have more than one name. We are all many different people to the many different people we encounter. And as a collective community of many different people who all share the same passion for rollerblading, I think it’s fucking fantastic rollerblading is actually starting to get differently cool.

Don’t twist it either; this isn’t a motivational speech or something to get all proud about. But it’s about time this community turned on the light in the attic, used some brain, and got some attitude.

In the past, especially around the turn of the new millennium, there was so much fucking garbage coming out. Every dude looked the same, skated the same shit, and tried to do the same tricks. It was a beat and unexciting time for rollerblading.

And who’s to blame for that? Why did rollerblading even go through a phase like that? It’s actually simple: there aren’t enough educated rollerbladers who stick around to teach the younger generation what tough love and working hard for shit is all about. When one generation has to quit because they can’t make money, it hurts the younger generation that’s forming. This inevitably creates a ripple effect that will harm that younger generation I am talking about, the one’s who will eventually take the reins. We can all agree the youth is the future and they deserve a proper up-bringing. That means elders need to have the attitude necessary to teach them about the history, culture, and discipline.

My life-long friend and partner of many trades, Billy “Fish” O’Neill said it best, “Our generation, and I don’t mean to hate on any other generation, our generation has worked harder, with less, put more into, for more years, without anything to fall back on.”

And that’s the goddamn truth right there. That’s why rollerblading is finally starting to shape up and grow some nuts. We’re ready to die poor for this shit and no one is going to keep it from us. The rollerblading community in general is getting older. Pros are aging and not quitting for better wages somewhere else. This is something new, something that’s never happened before for rollerblading. We could be in the golden years right now. But one thing’s for sure, and that is the skaters who are involved, and are progressively improving, really fucking want this. It’s actually so rad a group of people who wouldn’t know each other without rollerblading give a fuck about the same thing. That’s how you know it’s real.

Hell, I could be making well over 100k a year if I chose to follow the path my family took. And for those of you who don’t know this, my family works in the pharmaceutical business. It’s a pretty lucrative profession and I would never knock it, but that life just ain’t me.

You see, I was convinced that the possible lifestyles outlined for me in society weren’t worth living. So I made a conscious decision to use rollerblading as means to break out of those forms, and those molds, and to try to live what I believe would be a superior life. A life based on success, but not in terms of money, in terms of immortality. I want to be remembered when I die for doing something I loved at all cost with no compromise.

With that being said, I really hope you people out there reading this want to hear what I got to say. When Justin asked me to do WEB ROLL I immediately was juiced on the opportunity to be heard. I’m always passionate, out-spoken, but honest. I have been around the block in terms of this industry and you can expect me to give it to you straight. I have made a lot of choices in recent times that have affected my current sponsorship status, but I can assure you I have no agenda of making money. My only objective is to challenge our current practices in order to make rollerblading better for our youth.

Fuck the money, I want global respect for rollerblading. You kidding me? I’ll skate the streets homeless if I got to. Real talk. So if you’re in the way of rollerblading’s future then it’s time to shit your pants because this generation of pros is so starved that we will fucking eat you.

Colin Kelso

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  • Ben Rogers - May 3rd, 2010


  • DANCHUK - May 3rd, 2010

    fucking awesome last line. good words, colin!

  • 12313 - May 3rd, 2010

    thank god your rich parents gave you a chance to to live you dreams as an underpaid rollerblader, i guess everyone else who quit for money aint real enough for rollerblading

  • Think - May 4th, 2010

    spoken like a rich kid disgrace

  • Lars Echterhoff - May 4th, 2010

    Yes! I 100% agree with your view on our stand! If I take a look beside the professional skater, like you, I see “a lot” of people founding their businesses out of rollerblading related interests. E.g. I will turn 30 this year. Used to rollerblade more than the half of my life and spend it back through support with programming, organization and photography in projects like

    I dont regret anything, even not the darker years. I see the professionality in our scene rising with every year, also with many smart younger people that get into and can be lead directly to the point. Much less of that try and error the older generation had to work out.


  • Ryan Parker - May 4th, 2010

    That was fucking dope.

  • Beastmaster - May 4th, 2010

    Even if it wasn’t intended to be; that was a motivation and great read. Definitely the TRUTH and needs to be spread in word and action. Thank you.

  • richie eisler - May 4th, 2010

    i’m really glad that older bladers are still around and that the top guys have been doing it most of their lives now… that can bring nothing but positive change.

  • Anthony - May 4th, 2010

    You gonna put mustard on those potato roll cheese dogs?

  • Will.I.AM - May 4th, 2010

    That shit was dope. Im a younger rider and too know that people are willing to go BALLS TO THE WALL so tha my generation stands a chance is amazing. So i guess all i can say is thanks. And that I hope i have the oppurtunity to influence my “next generation” as much as you just did to me. SKATE OR DIE.

  • dk - May 4th, 2010

    Not what I was expecting. Enjoyed the read and look forward to seeing more.

  • Jeff Hughes - May 4th, 2010

    So you’re saying guys like me who started in the early 90’s aren’t the ones who you should respect? No one would be skating if it wasn’t for the real OG’s who put it all on the map. Blading is just like skateboarding as it has its ups and downs there is no need to diss any generation who put work in to progress the sport.

    Best thing happening right now to the industry is having skater owned companies, this is for sure.

  • Wogan - May 4th, 2010

    spoken like a rich kid who has blatenly been a spoilt kid, usd upset him so he spits out his dummy and skates another skate.

    im sure usd wont miss out on th emoney coming in from an over priced carbon, most kids i know wait for a new pro model and get the previous one half the price in the sales anyway.

    and thats not being a cheap skate, its saving a hell of a lot of money for the exact same skate as a newer one, just in a different colour.

    damn usd do all that work promoting a pro model carbon for him, sending him all over whilst all he has to do is slide down a few poles, do some crumby ass cess-slides and land like a f*cking waiter wannabe?

    colin got lucky, too lucky. one of the most over-rated skaters, only talked about cause of he stupid rants on be-mag and himself trying to put on a lot more style that hes got.

    if you watch sean skate in steal this video, he has pretty much the same style and steeze he has now (landings & spins etc)

    watch colin, completely different, his style hasnt grown, if he didnt put that style on himself he would skate pretty much the same as in steal this video.

  • dude - May 4th, 2010

    aww poor baby.

    how poor are u?

    did u buy your car?

    do u pay for schooling?

    do u even pay your rent or your bills?

    its not fair to diss people who quit because the need to work to live.

    not everyone has rich parents to set them up.

    and why is it even an issue?

    why does it matter if there arent old heads skating?

    everyone is so obsessed with getting everything on film anyway.

    there is an archive of what has happened before.

    and youre skating for immortality?

    what happened to fun?

    your the new old head that is supposed to be looked up to?

    and u admit that u skate to be famous?

    is that how you “challenge our current practices in order to make rollerblading better for our youth. “?

    teach them that being famous is important?

    thats fucking retarded.

    dont talk about it, be about it

  • bang!bang!danny - May 4th, 2010

    look what u said its all good but rember we all cant knock any one for choiceing to do what they have to inorder to get by and surive in life even if it means puting the blades down for a bit i love what we all doo i grew up on it and i want the yong one s to respect the og s and not be lil cocky fucks and act like this all came from them selfs at some pont we were all that kid looking up to some one els even u ! its amazing if u can get paid to do some thing u love and if not fuck it cus most of us never become pros but we are the ones that do it cus we love it and spend the money to keep this all going soo we are all a part of this so no one can knock any one els

    bangbangdanny nyc doing it since 98

  • bballog - May 4th, 2010

    i think the keywords are “educated rollerbladers”

  • jon jenkins - May 4th, 2010

    thank god!

    Finally someone is brave enough to speak up!

  • Will Cosgrove - May 4th, 2010

    agreed. i’m officially juiced

  • Matt Luda - May 4th, 2010

    Collin always speaks his mind, not many consistently keep it real. For however he was raised, money or no money, his words are true. For whatever reasons y’all want to knock him, let it be known speaking your mind and being true to oneself no matter the outlet, whether it be anger or not, is an awesome virtue and personal characteristic. It takes courage to do that. Leaving yourself for judgement no matter what the cost is something many are afraid to do.

    All the kids need is a little inspiration, and people who are dedicated to blading and not just themself.

  • Alan - May 4th, 2010

    Well said.

  • jay - May 4th, 2010

    no offense i had a mate that had rich parents and he rollerbladed everyday and he is amazing now, as for me i got to go to work everyday and then on the odd day i do get off i try and skate with whom? myself is who i skate with, if you can skate everyday cos your family is rich all good for you while you skate you p rails in your huge garage that us poor people dont have because we got to go and do a day job, at the end of the day i aint dissing you im just saying you think its easy having no time to skate or promote it and just because you get all the time in the day to do it gives you a reason to say people that dont just rollerblade dont support, infact its people like me who support it more because if we didn’t have jobs you wouldn’t have a pro skate to sell to us because we would all be poorer than we are, man when i have to go down the crap skatepark near me cos i can’t afford to drive really far to a good one i,ll think of colin kelso and how much of a prick i am that i dont quit my job and just skate for no pay, in england the reason half my mates quit is because there is no good skate parks not because we dont want to do it we just bored of not going to all the best skateparks in the world like you do mr colin im so bloody important kelso, a lot of what you go on about is true but talking bout how skaters back in the day just did the same tricks, no offense i could put WORDS into my VHS player and see skaters doing better tricks than they do now, along with COUP DE TAT, and even KFC straight jacket, no one is bringing no new tricks to rollerblading ive seen a soul on a ledge, i want to see someone impress me with the infinite amount of switch up combinations thee is because thats what sets us apart from skateboarding and BMXing, its about the possibilities, brian aragon does 540 into every trick its not that he keeps doing it because he is boring its because soon he will be doing 900’s into tricks and until the day someone else does it we wont progress, not that i aint about all the technical grinds on difficult objects dont get me wrong, but eric bailey once said to me something that had stuck with me, its not how good you are at skating a ledge you should be able to skate every kind of obstacle as good, and he does it very well, along with aragon and haffey and others and thats why their the best, not because they can ruin a practice box and a load of ledges and jump the occasional stair its cos they can do it all, and dont spend all day concentrating on wearing their sisters jeans and how good they look when the do a makio, your good colin but what i just said made it seem like you got the biggest ego in the world and honestly you are good but your not the best

  • jay - May 4th, 2010

    your good colin but what i just *read* made it seem like you got the biggest ego in the world and honestly you are good but your not the best

    sorry that made me angry had to vent not hating, just saying

  • Shane - May 4th, 2010

    You all suck Colin’s teets!! Trying so hard to imitate the illest style to happen to rolling ever! Whether you notice it or not, every kid I see at the skate parks jock him so hard. He must be doing something right. Hate harder, I’m sure it just juices him to kill you’re dreams more! Colin… I’m watching, keep up the good work!

  • rob squire - May 4th, 2010

    I hate the internet and the anonymous shit talkers that run rampant on it . dope words from a dope dude, take notes.

  • Boris - May 4th, 2010

    The Truth

  • Notorious Tom - May 4th, 2010

    In my town, I’m literally the only Rollerblader left, I am 17 so I’m from the younger generation but I have had to defend rollerblading constantly.

    I just want to know if you guys have any ideas on how I could get rollerblading going in my town? I’m in a small north east town in the uk so we don’t have a scene or any local pro’s or anything like that.

    Any suggestions would be helpful because I feel I’m no longer progressing because I feel no community or fun in blading. I love it though and will never stop, i just need to rejuvenate it…

  • boinky - May 4th, 2010

    colin=the truth2…

  • Notorious Tom - May 4th, 2010

    I’m 17 so I’m still fairly young but the generation below me, especially in England (where i live) is soo worrying. No one in my town has a hobby or a sport they do, they seem to have nothing in their lives but drinking and fighting. It’s really sad that there is a gap that can’t be filled. No rollerbladers have emerged in my town in the last 5 years and anyone that skates is either older than me and almost quitting or well… me.

    It’s almost like it’s not cool or useful nowadays to have something you care about that can’t be buy at a store. I take pride in my rollerblading ability but kids now take pride in there COD scores or w/e.

    I hope rollerblading doesn’t completely die out in my town when I hang up the blades. That’s not going to happen for a good 10 years atleast though!

  • Big Time Western Whopper - May 4th, 2010

    Why would you eat hot dogs with chesse when you could get the western whopper from burger king? rich and poor kids alike can afford the western whopper. throw your fucking dubs up and purchase the new mother fucking western whopper on these hoes. Show the younger generation that you have the attitude necessary to teach them about representing your hood at Burger King. The only problem I have with rollerblading is that I can’t afford to buy enough western whoppers on my am salary thereby undermining the status of my native gangland territory, the westside. If I was in the pharmaceutical business I could afford over $100,000 western whoppers a year.

    Westside Cryogen Labs (traded publically on Nasdaq) bitch.

  • Liscio - May 4th, 2010

    great words… you are the new pro NIMH?

  • Cory Cross - May 4th, 2010

    Great! But seriously if ur gonna be a pro skater u gotta be eating better than that! White bread i believe just turns into sugar.. you need some real food.. Kyle Dunn can help haha.

  • fuck CK - May 4th, 2010

    all i hear from this kids mouth is bitching. passing up making 100k for rollerblading, you truly are a fucking retard.

    the reason people quit and get jobs is b/c after a certain age you gotta make some means of a real income (more than $800 a month) unless you got parents to wipe your ass your whole life like you.. but a handful of pro rollerbladers are soo fucked in a few years…

  • Derek - May 4th, 2010

    Doesnt matter what his status is outside of rolling, dude loves rolling as much as alot of us do or if he had to leave a situation that better suits him and his skills so be it, rather see him leave a situation he doesnt wanna be in than to leave rolling in general


  • Brendan - May 4th, 2010

    He’s very easy to dislike, no question, but I must admit you can’t knock a dude for being passionate.

  • justin veiga - May 4th, 2010

    Notorious Tom: All I can say is keep it up. You’ve got a great attitude and that’s what it takes. I skated alone most of my rollerblading life… until I met more rollers. Just like that. They’re out there. Keep representing and my best advice (and this goes for finding lots of things, not just rolling) is to move to a bigger city for a while. Go for university. Go for a job. Whatever. Like you said, you are young, and that means you have plenty of time.

  • just gay - May 4th, 2010

    this guy sucks so bad only people with money talk like this fucking loser if you ask me

  • bobgross - May 5th, 2010

    Colin Kelso’s Guide to Successful Writing:

    1. Deep, thoughtful statement: ex.”We’re all different.”

    2.Warn the reader: ex. “Woah, but don’t let your head get too big.”

    3. Talk about the past

    4. Who’s to blame? The guys who left.

    5. Quote from a friend

    6. Use the phrase “the Truth,” whether it makes sense or not

    7. I could be so much better off, but instead i’m sacrificing myself for rollerblading’s sins.

    8. I’m not in it for the money, I only care about ________ (ex. love, friendship, progress.)

    9. Conclude with a witty statement, preferably one that uses the phrase “The Truth,” “No Lie,” or “Real Talk.”

  • Will - May 5th, 2010

    When Colin says ‘turn of the new millenium’ he means 1998-99, which I agree was a shit time for rolling…. read a magazine from that time and you will see that every clothing or wheel company out had basically the same image, whether it was Senates ‘Kill team’, Mediums ‘knifey’ logo, or daily bread’s knife logo… everyone was trying to come over all Columbine psycho in an effort to make rolling look hard… Someone mentioned ‘words’ and ‘KFC straight jacket’ talking about ‘old school’. Sorry dude, Words and staight jacket are not Old school. (not ever coupde tat is truly old school) ADVICE… if you are below the age of 24 don’t talk about old school. Also around the time coup de tat came out, everyone WAS doing the same tricks…. ‘Truespins’ i recall. Basically Colin is talking about something he experienced, the haters are talking pure bullshit… The only problem you self-righteous keep it super-real, ‘poor’ kids have with Colin is he was richer than you…. now, you can either go cry about how your mummy never bought you what you wanted for your birthday OR respect the fact that some are rich, some are poor, but all are PEOPLE and ALL OPINIONS (even rich kids’) MATTER…. Sorry, but them’s the breaks. Respect to CK, When the haters can fasttap 360 gaps are large as this guy can, then step-up. until then shut-up. you all sound like jealous sulky bitches.

  • Will - May 5th, 2010

    Also, its good to finally see a high status pro with a personality for once… I’m getting sick of reading interviews with skaters like Farmer and Broskow etc, who skate amazing, look unique as hell, yet give nothing of their true selves, opinions etc… Don’t get me wrong both look like fascinating people and I’m sure they are deep and unique in their own ways.. it’s just that I can read whole interviews with them and watch ‘behind the scenes’ b-roll and still see nothing really of their true personalities. All I see of Farmer is extended shots of him, after landing amazing tricks, looking depressed as hell and mumbling about “that wasn’t as good as the last one” or “Ahhhgh, I suck” etc. The thing is, this could be our ‘Golden-age’, we are building genuine stable foundations (which didn’t really exist 10 years ago) We have amazing skates, frames, wheels to choose from that we’ve never had, pros who arn’t all either Dickie short wearing summer-punkers, white eminem wannabes or depressed emo kids depending on musical trends. But, most importantly …right NOW we are GENUINLY underground (no-one on the outside is leeching our culture) and genuinly Non-conformist. This means we are answerable to no-one but ourselves, we have nothing to prove to anyone but ourselves, Therefor NOW is the time for pros to start speaking their minds and showing their personalitys. Be yourself and fuck anyone who trys to supress you. Respect to CK, Kevin Yee, Tommy-boy, and anyone else who’s not afraid to speak their mind. Remember if rolling DOES blow up this year (Mark Korte is mysteriously back, K2 just happen to have become interested in rolling again… hmm as industry insiders do they know something we don’t??) Then we will be in the public eye whether we like it or not and pro’s will have to start watching what they say…. right now we can all say exactly what we want without hurting our industry… next year? I’m not so sure. Preach-on brother Kelso

  • Alan - May 5th, 2010

    turn of the millennium wasnt that bad, thats when dudes like murda, halleran, walt austin, dre powell, and the kelsos were first hitting the scene and they were all pretty dope. coup de tat came out summer 2000 and that was the most epic skate video of my life anyways. that was when the imyta was starting and everything was turning away from the espn gay-games and turning to skater owned and ran companies and events. it was the first year of bitter cold too, right?

  • JP - May 5th, 2010

    Nice words, totally agree with fish’s quote. But nothing about “true skater owned” companies and all that utopia bullshit ? Come one man ehhehe I was loving the fact you came up with this in x-crews interview… I expected more heheh.

    Anyway… if you don’t care about the $$$ you should stick with carbons coz you look better on them ; ) heheh

  • henry s. - May 5th, 2010

    alan just sonned the fuck outta every1

  • .:||TiP||:. - May 5th, 2010

    True.. ..Good article. Def need more dedicated rollerbladers to stick around.

  • Blake Taylor - May 6th, 2010

    I don’t know what is worse, the message board hater that stuck around or the whiny “older” guy that fled but thinks their opinion still matters.

  • Philly's Illest. - May 6th, 2010 ruined philly.

    you are the reason there are no sessions

    you are the reason there are mini me’s running around trying to be cool

    because you tried so hard to be different

    when sacrificed pure skating and progression for style on safety tricks..

    you never stuck around and tought me anything, you never invited me out to, in fact, shunned and snaked away from focused so much on being exclusive that you strayed away from real philly.


    colin is a fake. you will never see him at a regular philly session. because there are no regular philly sessions anywhere anymore unless there is a camera and it invloves ‘the truth’

    and dont get THIS twisted, i respect the philly history. i respect abdiel colberg, and JOE LONGSTRETH ( ) that you and sean snaked your style from. I EVEN RESPECT YOUR BROTHER MORE SO FOR PROGRESSING TO A LEVEL YOU COULD NEVER SEE. i respect elias, shuda, lux, fredrick, majette, sereni, ross anthony, selwin briggs, killgore EVERYONE who was about progression..even chris shaw and john schmidt blasted past you, commin out to skate and teach me tricks at penns landing n shit, no regular or switch…but somewhere along the way you bitched out on getting better to be pretty and litterally looking cool. you’ll never get anything but laughs at neglected box have no real respect you david bowie fasion model..

    and i dont want to hear longevity, because ross anthony could eat you alive sroppin hammers still with injuries..

    and everyones is gonna wonder who this is. but you’ll know soon enough, because colin, im commin for your neck son.

  • your conscience - May 8th, 2010

    Check out the Poor baby upstairs ^ ^ “You never taught me anything or invited me to skate, boo hoo hoo”. Hey moron, little free advice… If Colin kelso is responsible for killing phillies sessions then why not start your own sessions without him. You say he has no respect right?? Then it should be pretty easy to do… As far as ruining philly is concerned… sounds a little like bullshit, aside from the Kelsos, Alf and Chris Cheshire every goddam philly skater seems to rip off Jeff frederick and Shuda. Shaw, schmidt and Anthony might have skill, they also happen to be boring as hell to watch from an outsiders (i know none of these people personally) point of view… I’ve been skating since 1996 and have watched enough rolling vids and dvds to know what unique means. Sorry, but the kelsos are unique. Most everyone else from philly look just like every goddamn dustin halleran/ rob thompson/ mike radebargh wannabe from the last ten years all identical styles and trick selections. Maybe its a good thing CK sacrificed progression for style… If it wern’t for skaters like him, doing something different, then all we’d have would be Brian Aragon and a load of lookalikes who skate the same… but not quite as good. (BTW totally unconvinced by Joey Longstreth clip, and you say the Kelsos stole his style??? Sorry but the kelso style involves a little more the zero gravity arms and a dress sense, ohh EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME AS ANY NON CALIFORNIA SKATER FROM THE LAST 10 YEARS… ) Hate on mystery man, hate on.

  • Jim Lehey - May 8th, 2010


  • logs - May 9th, 2010

    so funny how everyone talks shit about him. have you seen the amount of amazing clips this kid has gotten over the years? nobody appreciates shit. his skating is dope as hell and you can’t deny it.

  • Patrick Leal - May 9th, 2010

    Nice read Colin… I remember you showing me clips through AIM years before you and your bro were even known. Something about that Philly vibe has made ya’ll ILL since day numero uno. Keep, keeping it real… OH, and holler if you ever feel like blade rippin it up in TX… You guys got places to stay fo sho.

  • anon - May 10th, 2010

    philly’s illest: go fuck yourself.

    When was it that Philly sessions died exactly? Apparently it was when Colin Kelso sacrificed “pure skating”? Its too bad Chris Shaw and Jon Schmidt’s PURE SKATING didn’t catch on because I would have loved to sit around at penns landing and watch them do sloppy spin tricks over and over again. Oh right, that is what you wanted, to have little gymnast babies teach you tricks… and that is what would have made philly rollerblading sooooo much better right?

    chris shaw and jon schmidt came out as little babies with the incredible ability to spin wildly onto rails with no style whatsoever. NOW THATS REAL ROLLERBLADING! Do you think Frederick and Elias and Lux would have done the same thing if they stayed in the game too? People who have been in it for years, and I mean years, care a little bit too much to just do what the new kids are doing. Especially when it is fucking stupid. Tons of pro’s that have the ability to do stupid spin tricks don’t do them anymore just because they found a better way to skate (in their minds). But to think that philly sessions died because colin kelso started to focus on style instead of big huge hammers is the dumbest theory I have ever heard.

    Think about when everyone got to college and started to break apart from skating and deal with other things. When everyone else started getting cameras and you didn’t have to roll 20 deep to have Majette film you and possibly get exposure. Or the terrible break up that both kelsos and Majette/Denial/Genre had that kept everyone in two seperate groups. Although I am good friends with both Sean and Colin, I do think they were wrong in that situation so “dont get that twisted”. But at the same time they broke away, people like Malik, Murt, Lukas, Elias, Lux, Jeff, Jimmy ALL STOPPED SKATING REGULARLY. What if they just didn’t want to skate in the huge sessions will little idiots like yourself trying to impress everyone like you do at the box jams apparently.

    Once skating got bigger than 1 camera in the city people had the option to break off and go other places to skate other things and thats what “he” did.

    I am glad Colin started skating the way he did. I was a skeptic at first because I too loved the old colin. 900’ing stair sets and jumping the biggest gaps you’ve ever fucking seen like it was nothing…. but if he kept that up he wouldn’t be skating anymore because your body can’t take that abuse day in and day out. He is using his brain and skating much more intelligently than half the pro’s out there. If it gets your dick hard seeing 540 kind grinds and huge disaster tricks then I don’t know why you want to be a part of the philly scene in the first place. It has never been about that and it never should be. We have rugged ass spots that take finesse and precision to skate, not perfect down rails everywhere and smooth parking lots at the bottom of every gap.

    He, and others like Broskow and Farmer are showing kids that there are other ways to progress your skating aside from just going big all the time. The next group of pro’s that will come up from this style of skating will be soo much better to watch than the bullshit “i can do things both ways on a down rail nonsense”. who the fuck cares. Who do you think taught Bolino to think about style and not just be a little baby spinning all over the place? and when all our rails start getting capped and we all have to turn to the smaller more creative obstacles, you will be thanking the likes of colin kelso for showing you that skating these things can be “progressive”.

    I hope you show your face sometime soon, because I am sure everyone who in philly would like to know who the fuck you are and disown you. But staying secretive so you can come do some tricks at the box jams and hope anyone gives a fuck is probably a better approach right?

  • Dragonslayer - May 11th, 2010

    Nice!!!! Well done ONE for giving Colin Kelso Webroll… Some of the comments here make really great reading… Lots of ig’nant bitching but also loads of great brainfood (particularly some of the longer, later posts, and of course, the article itself)… I fucking love rolling and I could literally talk about it all day long (to the annoyance of friends , family and girlfriends etc 😉 My all time favorite piece of rolling media was hands-down the ‘disinformation’ column in Daily Bread magazine and I love reading provocative viewpoints and hearing insider “who’s sleeping with who?” type gossip. (all the philly politics posts on here are funny as hell… ) Respect goes out to Justin and the rest of ONE staff for keeping it controversial, and a big respecalek goes out to Colin for being himself (which is the best anyone can truly be…. themselves) and most importantly for speaking his ‘truth’ and doing so despite all the undeserved beef he seems to get whenever he posts anything. Keep doing webroll colin, Can’t wait for the next one!!!!

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