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Top 7 Reasons You Still Rollerblade

It happens all around us in blading — people quit. Even just yesterday Billy O’Neill ended his pro blading career, and the blade world is worse off for it.

Blading doesn’t just lose when guys like Fish quit… losing any of us is a blow to our shared passion.

But you know what, we’re not worried. No sir, because we know that there’s a lot of you out there that didn’t quit. You’re still getting sick with it. You’re here, and we’re happy.

For you bladers, we came up with Seven Reasons You Still Rollerblade.

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7) Friends

Shit yeah, friends are great. You can hang out with ’em. Talk to ’em. Rely on ’em. Hell, sometimes you can even fight with ’em. And the best friends are the ones you share a special connection with, and there’s not many connections more specialized than blading. For many of us, blading addiction starts with the good times shared with friends and evolves from there. Like signing up for bootcamp or living with a big brother, these are the people you will experience the joy and horror of life with, much of it for the first time. And if you skate long enough, you can throw back a few brews with your old crew mates and laugh about old times and great adventures. Here’s to thinking about you guys James, Donnie, Blake, Anderson, Andrew, Frank, Scott, Steve and… Munson! #norka

6) Progression

For the well-initiated, the skating trick vocabulary is boundless. There seems to be no limit to the number of variations that can be created to session any given spot, which means there’s no reason for you to get bored. Blading allows (heck, encourages even!) the shredding of so much varied terrain that it’s taken our entire 25+ year existence until now for us to come to terms with this facet of our sport. Even if you are old and busted you can PROGRESS your own skating to find new challenges and different skills to master. Long story short — there’s no reason to quit because blading got boring for you.

5) Travel

Similar to friends in that it’s about the bonds formed between bladers, travel around the country and maybe the globe is a byproduct of blade dedication that can help set you apart from your non-blading peers. Whether it’s for an event, a session, or just to check out new spots, getting on the road and out of your comfort zone is an incredible release from life’s stresses. Not to mention it helps stack the previous two listings: friends and progression. We’ve never met a blader that didn’t love to hit new spots and session with new bladers, so get out there on the road and make some lasting memories. You’ll thank yourself later.

4) Fitness

This aspect is way less popular, but more and more people are accepting the fact that staying (or getting) in shape is a key element of living a healthy, active life. (Thanks Crossfit?) But though you don’t want to hit the gym or even strap on tallboys to cruise your town, sessioning that ledge or mashing a skatepark is a great aerobic activity. It’s like wind-sprints with the chance to destroy your shins. Add in the cerebral elements of concentration and creative expression, and you’re on the way to a dopamine-fueled “runner’s high” that’s bound to rub off on your “real” life.

3) Dedication/Routine

Brian Bell’s video My Daily Routine put a name to it and it’s true for most of us — we keep blading because it’s all we know. Whether decided by raw determination or the random chance of established routine, blading on the regs is part of who you are and so it’s something you just find time to do. Lots of folks have different ways of getting their session on, but all over the place weekly meet up sessions have brought crews together and offered an easier way for those that fell off the blade wagon to hop back on with the support and encouragement they need to re-cement the routine. Go get yourself a piece!

2) Recognition

Another one that’s maybe not super popular to talk about, and it’s definitely ramped up here in the social media age, but there’s a lot of bladers that are probably still blading because of the recognition they get from it. And that might make it sound bad, but fuck it — a blader is a blader and if they’re getting recognition it’s probably because they rip hard or earned their stripes in the Blade Wars. These guys (and gals) tend to become leaders in their scenes and the talents that future generations look up to. Local heroes are an integral part of keeping blading’s grassroots growth spreading in the right direction, so don’t hate a dude cuz of that shine (real or imagined). In fact, maybe in this age of Facebook and Instagram and everything we can encourage each other and help individuals realize that there’s lots of other reasons to keep blading other than some fame.

1) Jon Julio

Nearly 37 years young and more inspiring than ever. What else did you expect?

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Oh, what’s that — you already quit?
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Miss something? Think we’re full of shit? Chop it up in the comments.

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