ONE Staff / April 8th, 2024 / Cover Boy
COVER BOY: Sam Crofts
The newest issue of ONE is shipping now and features an incredible cover shot by Sam Cooper of USD and Undercover Pro Sam Crofts, who has an insightful feature interview handled by James Bower and Matthew Stewart. Plus there's coverage of the Mesmer Team in L.A., Julien Cudot, Cameron Talbott, Martin Gade, Young Juise Money, Lauric Picard, Seoul Skaters, and much more...
ONE Staff / April 3rd, 2024 / Spotlight
THE VAULT: Dustin Jamieson
Way back in 2015 we were working on the sixth issue of ONE Digital, our online-only magazine, when suddenly, for reasons we can’t quite remember today, we stopped. It was never finished and all the content that had been submitted and planned got shelved. Bummer! But yesterday’s lost content is today’s treasure, and amongst the mothballed photos were these great snaps of Dustin Jamieson...
ONE Staff / March 22nd, 2024 / Events
Beat The Chump returns for 2024
Events are part of the blading community's life blood, as they serve the important role of bringing skaters together. And that was the case recently in Seattle as the regional event Beat The Chump returned for its sixth outing. But what makes this year's installment special isn't just that PacWest bladers got together for a session, but that BTC has become a multi-generational contest, where 2nd generation bladers got to shred in front of their blader parents...
ONE Staff / March 15th, 2024 / Events
Winterclash 2024: The Jem Experience
Winterclash 2024 went off as always. Once shrouded in "secrecy" until edits and posts started popping up, today the entire event is live-streamed officially and broadcast in real time unofficially by nearly 1,000 phone-wielding blade paparazzi from every conceivable angle. With that in mind, we thought a different approach was in order, so for a fresh perspective we...
ONE Staff / March 7th, 2024 / Spotlight
Julien Cudot’s “Footmoon” Tour Diary
Julien Cudot recently dropped a VOD project called “Footmoon” created with Vincent Romain that showcased his skating during a trip throughout Mexico. Now take a look behind the scenes as Julien describes the process and travels that brought the section to life, all the way from a soft commitment to whirlwind trip, including the session that convinced Julien he wanted to really take the project seriously...
ONE Staff / February 26th, 2024 / Gear
Standard Skate Omni: A “French” Impression
It’s not every day that a new skate manufacturer lands on the scene, so when one does it’s a pretty big deal. Standard Skate Company just released their first product, the Omni, and people have been excited for another option when choosing which skates to purchase... One of those early adopters is Minnesota’s own Mike French...
ONE Staff / January 22nd, 2024 / Spotlight
ONE Blade Awards [2023]
The Final Results for the ONE Blade Awards are ready to release! 2023 was another year of progress for the blading community as we found new faces, welcomed a class of younger skaters, and got more widespread appreciation for blading by outlets like The New York Times than we’ve seen, well, maybe ever...
Steve Steinmetz / December 6th, 2023 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Steve Steinmetz #20
Back in April, Adam Bazydlo reached out, saying he'd be in San Diego for a week and wanted to meet up. This posed a challenge for me because I was working full-time and had just become a parent, "I'll let you know when I'm available." But seeing him and Art Graza on Instagram skating without me, I knew I had to prioritize quickly before he left town.
ONE Staff / November 16th, 2023 / Spotlight
La Rue in California
In 2023 the La Rue crew, Stan Kogutyak and Jules Renault, ventured to California where they teamed up with Seba Seufferheld, Sean Darst, Miguel Angel Ramos, Joe Atkinson, and Parker Richardson to film for a project that turned into DREAM. Jules documented the travels between Los Angeles, Slab City and San Francisco on his film camera for this series of photos that act like an analog extension of the video. Like liner notes from a CD booklet, these moments capture the tour's vibe of Cali sunshine, smiles, shred, blood, parties, and new friends.
Sam Cooper / October 12th, 2023 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam Cooper #66
Our luck was in which meant poor Niko had to deal with a short awkward angled run up to a crusty cornered rail that I doubt had ever seen a trick go down it. Not ideal but I knew Niko was the man for the job and he proved that with this slow and controlled backslide that came with his usual buckets of style. I sat back on my Nikkor 50mm to get everything in frame, including the sea gull above while...
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