ONE Staff / July 3rd, 2024 / Spotlight
SCENE CHECK: North Carolina
There are so many incredible blade scenes around the world, and we think they all deserve a bit more recognition. So we're pairing up with local photographers everywhere to get a better look at the people and places where bladers are making their mark...
ONE Staff / June 26th, 2024 / Spotlight
Minneapolis Shedding With Falcon Gott
Get a glimpse of the less-seen side of Minneapolis blading in these three spotlighted videos brought to our attention by Falcon Gott. As these guys remind us filming skating with your friends is fun, so check out the videos then go blade!
ONE Staff / June 21st, 2024 / Spotlight
#27 PREVIEW: Martin Gade
This spot itself is very unique and I’d been scratching my head to find a way to make it over the grass section to drop in to the bank. We found a long pipe that spanned the distance from the footpath to a makeshift pole with a construction sign. After a couple of hours...
ONE Staff / June 17th, 2024 / Spotlight
#27 Preview: Cameron Talbott at The Bunkers
Check out this excerpt from Cameron Talbott’s Bunkers feature in the new print mag. Read Cam’s own words about working with Ivan and Erick, choosing spots, the works. Read the rest in Issue #27!
ONE Staff / June 10th, 2024 / Spotlight
#27 FEATURE: Sam Crofts (Excerpt)
Take another look at one of the tricks Sam Crofts put down for his Issue #27 interview, and get a peak at some of the backstory he shares when James Bower asks about how he ended up moving to Barcelona when he was still on the come up after an inspiring visit with Nick Lomax. The whole interview is a great read but enjoy this excerpt...
ONE Staff / June 6th, 2024 / Spotlight
THE VAULT: Rian Arnold
In 2016 we released print issue #22 and one of the key features was an impeccably photographed feature on Australia’s Rian Arnold. After coming on strong at the 2006 Hoedown where he took 2nd place to Brian Aragon(!), it was a series of video parts like “simply, Ryan” from French brand ‘you are here’ and then the productive friendship with videographer extraordinare Dom West. “Vine St” help make Rian’s signature style recognizable around the world...
ONE Staff / June 1st, 2024 / Spotlight
NOW PLAYING: “Same Days”
There's just something awesome about being in the streets with your friends, skating, laughing, and making memories together. That feeling is the inspiration for this project that takes "lost & found" clips from 2019 and 2022 and weaves them into three montage sections for a quick tour through SoCal, the PacWest, and NYC...
Jemma J / May 30th, 2024 / Events
FISE 2024 – Montpellier
It’s summer in Europe which means it’s event season! One of the biggest stages to showcase blading to the public is FISE, and this year ONE teamed up with photographer Jemma J to capture the action in Montpellier. Over a long five days, skaters from far and wide...
ONE Staff / May 24th, 2024 / Spotlight
#27 SPOTLIGHT: Juise Money
We say it all the time but it’s the contributors that make the magic at ONE, so we were super excited when Create Originals co-owners Brian Lewis and Hakeem Jimoh were able to tackle photo and interview duties for Juice Money’s profile in the print magazine. As usual the two pros laced the assignment and here we’ve got a look at two skate photos that didn’t make it into the profile and one of the insightful answers that Juise provided to his questions...
ONE Staff / May 21st, 2024 / Spotlight
Gabe Talamantes NYC 2024
Gabe Talamantes is one of those skaters that's been around for a long time but also feels fresh and exciting. He just has a unique style and good eye for tricks. We've long ago lost count of the times we've run into Gabe at events or sessions, and his status as one of the core Chicago bladers is unquestioned. But when we crossed paths at the 2023 Metro Card Classic last fall, it was pretty obvious that he'd caught the New York bug. He said something like "I think I want to move here..."
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