ONE Staff / May 24th, 2024 / Spotlight
#27 SPOTLIGHT: Juise Money
We say it all the time but it’s the contributors that make the magic at ONE, so we were super excited when Create Originals co-owners Brian Lewis and Hakeem Jimoh were able to tackle photo and interview duties for Juice Money’s profile in the print magazine. As usual the two pros laced the assignment and here we’ve got a look at two skate photos that didn’t make it into the profile and one of the insightful answers that Juise provided to his questions...
ONE Staff / May 21st, 2024 / Spotlight
Gabe Talamantes NYC 2024
Gabe Talamantes is one of those skaters that's been around for a long time but also feels fresh and exciting. He just has a unique style and good eye for tricks. We've long ago lost count of the times we've run into Gabe at events or sessions, and his status as one of the core Chicago bladers is unquestioned. But when we crossed paths at the 2023 Metro Card Classic last fall, it was pretty obvious that he'd caught the New York bug. He said something like "I think I want to move here..."
ONE Staff / May 17th, 2024 / Spotlight
#27 PREVIEW: Sam Crofts (Introduction)
Interview duties for Sam Crofts’ feature were handled by James Bower and Matthew Stewart, over a curry and a few tins at the La Hore One restaurant in Whitechapel, East London. November 2nd, 2023. The company of friends well-versed in his journey and the relaxed atmosphere of the setting made for an insightful look into Sam’s history. Every skater that dreams of being sponsored should read it...
ONE Staff / May 15th, 2024 / Spotlight
#27 SPOTLIGHT: “Bunkers” feat. Cameron Talbott
One of the things that’s so interesting about Cameron Talbott’s skating is how his movements evolve to match the potential of his environment. Cameron can hop, cess slide, and huck himself around on obstacles where another skater may not even try, in the process unlocking unexpected opportunities for rolling progression. Enter the “Bunkers” section...
ONE Staff / May 14th, 2024 / Spotlight
THE VAULT: Erik Bailey
According to the metadata on these photos, it was in 2011 (13 years ago!) when Jeff Stockwell sent in a batch of Erik Bailey photos and blew us away. We knew our buddy Jeff was great at just about everything he picked up, and it turned out photography was another of those skills for which he had a preternatural talent...
ONE Staff / May 13th, 2024 / Spotlight
#27 PREVIEW: Mesmer in L.A.
Ryan Schude shot these photos in 2022 and has had them on ice ever since, waiting for Issue #27. This photo of John Bolino doing a natural frontside to gap that is seen in his skate promo edit opens the layout, so we thought now would be a great time to show off the main image, along with a telephoto alternate angle Ryan took that captures John in the air...
ONE Staff / May 10th, 2024 / Spotlight
#27 PREVIEW: Martin Gade
From OG pioneers to contemporary shredders like CJ Wellsmore, the Australian continent has made more than its fair share of contributions to blading. So it’s no surprise that a member of the current generation is leaving their mark on the scene — even if that skater is Martin Gade, a transplant from Denmark!
ONE Staff / May 7th, 2024 / Spotlight
#27 FEATURE: ANEW Skate or Climb Tour
Last summer Sayer Danforth sent us an email about a mini tour to Albuquerque he was planning for his brand, ANEW, with Adam Bazydlo, Luke Bender, and a few others for skating and climbing. Planning to film the trip and realizing that would occupy his focus, Sayer asked if we could suggest any blader-photographers to accompany them to nab pics for Issue #27. As it happened, there was someone we thought could deliver...
ONE Staff / May 4th, 2024 / Spotlight
#27 PREVIEW: Julien Cudot
The absolute last thing that got slotted into the new print mag was a short feature on dynamic French blader Julien Cudot. It came entirely out of the blue when our friend and contributor Steve Steinmetz sent a text back in October: “Julien will be in town on the 17th to the 24th...
ONE Staff / May 2nd, 2024 / Spotlight
#27 PREVIEW: Sam Crofts
One of the first elements of Issue #27 to come into focus was a feature on Sam Crofts. Early on, Sam Cooper said he wanted to shoot with him, so that got locked in and the two got to work. In fact, there’s been a stream of impressive UK coverage in recent issues thanks to Cooper and his camera, and this outing delivered the goods once again...
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