ONE Staff / June 21st, 2024 / Spotlight
#27 PREVIEW: Martin Gade
Backside / Doveton, VIC, Australia

Issue #27 is full of bladers talking in their own words about the photos on the page, proving key insights into their process, mindset, and approach to blading. Our Profile on Martin Gade is no exception, so read what he had to say about this unique moment he captured with photographer Hayden Golder. See the rest in Issue #27!

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“This spot itself is very unique and I’d been scratching my head to find a way to make it over the grass section to drop in to the bank. We found a long pipe that spanned the distance from the footpath to a makeshift pole with a construction sign. After a couple of hours we were on our way home having completed another mission successfully.” — Gade

Passing daylight


Photos by Hayden Golder

Discussion / #27 PREVIEW: Martin Gade

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