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#27 Preview: Cameron Talbott at The Bunkers
Disaster Topsoul

Check out this excerpt from the Cameron Talbott Bunkers feature in the new print mag. Read Cam’s own words about working with Ivan Narez and Erick Garcia, choosing spots, the works. See the rest in Issue #27!

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There are several bunkers here in San Francisco that have been skated and featured in skate magazines and videos. Those are fairly popular and have been seen quite a bit. But there are also a ton of bunkers throughout the coast, so we explored the bunkers here in San Francisco, along with some in the Marin headlands where there are a bunch all through the hills. We got on Google maps and kind of searched for different areas we could explore. We’d see them on the screen. Sometimes we’d get there and get lucky, and sometimes we’d strike out. You know, the spot would be not what we expected. Like, overgrown by ice plants and succulents, covered in sand, or the classic no runway/no landing, so it was a gamble.

Disaster Topsoul Alternate Angle

But it was fun. It was part of the process, just hunting these spots down and seeing what was there. Seeing what was possible when you’re there with your feet on the ground and it’s right in front of you. That was really fun.

The whole project really didn’t take that long. I think it was only maybe like seven or, at the most, eight meet ups.

Backslide to Fakie

In the beginning we had sessions at two bunkers. I think it was after the second or third session that I hurt my knee doing a gap, this wall ride to 180 down to this flat. I landed it, but the impact in the way I landed—you can see in the clip—like, it’s not perfect. I didn’t like it but he used it, and I hurt my knee. That ended up taking me a bit longer to recover than I expected, so we had a little six to eight week break in between. But overall it took about seven or eight sessions, just trying to get something every time we went out. Just trying to find stuff. We had Garcia, so it was mostly just me and Ivan, with Garcia capturing the moment with the photos behind the scenes. — Cameron Talbott

Read the rest in Issue #27

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Photos by Erick Garcia

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