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#27 SPOTLIGHT: Juise Money
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We say it all the time but it’s the contributors that make the magic at ONE, so we were super excited when Create Originals co-owners Brian Lewis and Hakeem Jimoh were able to tackle photo and interview duties for Juice Money’s profile in the print magazine. As usual the two pros laced the assignment and here we’ve got a look at two skate photos that didn’t make it into the profile and one of the insightful answers that Juise provided to his questions. Thanks to the whole squad for making it happen. See it all in #27!

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Hakeem Jimoh: As a filmmaker, when portraying skating what is the most important thing in your mind? Is it style, trick selection, or spot selection?

Juise Money: I have a bachelor’s degree in film from the School of Museum of Fine Arts At Tufts. The professors there taught me a bunch of classic film techniques and exposed me to fancy gear, cameras, lights, software, and effects. When it came to skate videos though, I always agreed with Eric Wood’s vision. He taught me how to freak the fisheye, finesse the zoom long lens, and made sure to have a good balance between fisheye and long lens clips depending on the spot and trick. Later, I was filming with Andrew Nemiroski while he was going to school in Boston. I definitely took inspiration from his trippy editing. When the Kelsos released “KCMO,” I was amazed and said to myself, this is it! They had dope colors in super high quality, used dramatic slow-mos and fisheye angles that always kept up really close to the skaters feet. Immediately, I bought an HVX with a fat fisheye and from there on I wanted all my skate videos to look like theirs. Sometimes I find myself directing what the skater should do between point A and point B to make it cool. I’m also very open to filming the homies battle out a trick for hours doing it the way they want, because I know they would do the same for me. I pay a lot of attention to style, even the little things like zooming in on certain arm movements, facial expressions, and imperfections. I believe it adds a lot of character. I appreciate fashion too, like when someone is wearing an awesome fit, I make sure to showcase that in the clips. I also really love scenic shots. My favorite place to film is downtown with all the buildings and lights in the background. Something about the city vibe and growing up here.



See and Read a whole lot more in Issue #27!

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Photos by Brian Lewis

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