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Minneapolis Shedding With Falcon Gott

Get a glimpse of the less-seen side of Minneapolis blading in these three spotlighted videos brought to our attention by Falcon Gott. As these guys remind us filming skating with your friends is fun, so check out the videos then go blade!

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My friend Nic Brenden just released his “Underwater” part not too long ago, and I must say that I’m glad that the last of my 2023 Blading projects are completed and ready for viewing, even if it’s six months into 2024. As I reflect on 2023 and the three projects that I completed, “A Short Blading Flick” (Summer 2023), “MINNEAPOLI[S]HRED” (Summer 2023) and Nic Brenden’s “Underwater” Part (2023), I’m glad that I was able to document an aspect of the local Minneapolis/ St. Paul blade scene.

Originally, during late Spring (2023), Zach Hagen and I were talking about filming for the upcoming summer, as it would be fun to work towards a project and create a summer edit/ profile for ourselves. Enthusiastically motivated, we were both in. Our next train of thought was scheduling. What day(s) would work best for the two of us to meet up to blade and film? During the blade-able outdoor months (late Spring thru early Fall), Minneapolis Monday Nite Skate takes place. An ideal, weekly event, where the local blade scene meets, hangs out, and blades local skate parks, with a few street sessions here and there. This weekly event worked for Zach and I.

As summer went on, and we (the blade scene) would meet up for the MNS, the varying levels of experience, tricks, styles, and personalities became obvious, and I took it upon myself to try and document that (as I felt that needed to be conveyed somehow). As Zach and I continued with our initial project, and the documentation from others within the blade scene, the project began to grow quite organically (and wasn’t realized until I started editing during the following winter months) into a reflection of the blading community that doesn’t get documented too often, and as a result, two edits were completed, one of skateparks; “A Short Blading Flick”, and one of street; “MINNEAPOLI[S]HRED”, showcasing the Minneapolis/ St. Paul blading scene (well, those who attended MNS). A productive year indeed! Zach Hagen delivered and managed to gather clips for a skatepark edit, as well as the ending part for the street edit. Zach’s blading is full of energy, stylish, and at times, unpredictable, but in a good way. Additionally, shoutout to everyone who allowed me to film them, I greatly appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed the edit(s).

As for Nic Brenden. It’s always an enjoyable time hanging out and having a session with the guy. At times, it would be weeks, possibly a month would go by before we would have a session again due to timing, scheduling, and/or injury. We made it work. Nic powered through each session, always leaving with a clip. He has an eye for spots, as well as the tricks he would like to do at them. Well thought out. His experience on the blades really conveys that. Also, take a look at that artwork done by his kiddo, Kaia! Solid collaboration. As we roll into summer 2024, I’m looking forward to collaborating with Nic again this year, as we work on that third part (I filmed and edited Nic’s 2021 part “Time Between”). – Falcon Gott

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Discussion / Minneapolis Shedding With Falcon Gott

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