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BLADE LIFE: An Interview with Anthony Medina


Anthony Medina, how long have you been consumed by this rollerblading thing?
I’ve been blading since 96-ish? Probably late 96/early 97. I took a break for a while in mid-2003. Outside of a torn-up ankle that still affects me every time I blade, I spent every day — sun up to sun down — helping my grandma take care of my bed-ridden grandpa. It was a situation that really changed the way I view life. One random day Micah hit me up and let me know he was living in Austin. I HAD to try to blade, and went out with my buckle tightened to the last notch and an ankle brace on. Ha, ha. I didn’t expect to last but a couple grinds, but surprisingly my ankle felt okay except for a little soreness, so I’ve been back at it since.


You’ve made more than a few videos. Why do you continue to spend your time and money putting them together?
Sometimes I wonder… ha, ha! I’ve ALWAYS enjoyed filming blading, from the very first time I went out to session (literally) in my Walmart blades. Back in the day it was a big deal for me to pair blading with music; I just got hyped on it. Now I film and make videos specifically for my homies. It’s the same reason I will sometimes get krunk and do something dumb on blades; I love to get my friends juiced. Making blading videos/edits, especially nowadays, is good exposure for bladers, and my friends are pretty good at it, so I want people to see that.

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Discussion / BLADE LIFE: An Interview with Anthony Medina

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  • jo gamm - March 15th, 2012

    Thats my boy ant holding texas down.Probably the most humble down for the clown kids i know. True O.G.

  • Jaysin Williams - March 15th, 2012

    Support blading. Support Texas. Support Dag Days. And support Anthony Medina. Good looking out, Ant. Glad to see you getting in front of the camera. Can’t wait for Dag Days and can’t wait to see your own personal edit. Anthony Medina, killin it since before most of the groms were born.

  • Micah - March 15th, 2012

    Anthony is the Georgetown Giant. He should have been LARGE! One of the super legends of Texas(up there with John Farmer, etc…).

    And still better than you.


  • James Richter - March 15th, 2012

    Best interview yet! Great pics! Dope words! Perfect. And Lil Henry dropped the aww dag first. Hes a real boss day like ant and grego. Way to rep Texas somethin proper like. Syf

  • Kevin Little - March 16th, 2012

    It is great to see Ant get some shine. He deserves it! He holds down Texas. Aside from his amazing videos and edits,he kills it on the blades. Plus he is a humble warrior with a good head on his shoulders. Kudos One and Ant!

  • LoganH - March 19th, 2012

    It still suprises me how Ant can still drop hammers. He’ll bust em out of no where with mad control. One of the coolest dudes behind the camera too. He’s always down to get out and film some clips and still has time to pay the bills…this blade life is much deserved

  • Guess who? - March 22nd, 2012

    It’s great to see you in this article. Looks like others ask the same question I’ve asked. “Where are you in the film”? We’re Proud of you always Ant (Tone)!!

  • Zach Attack - April 4th, 2012

    This is the Godfather of the TX scene. Can’t wait to see Dag Days.. Put some Ted Nugent in there somewhere..

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