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ON THE INSIDE: Rob Lievanos’ Birthday Party

rob and wes

Wes and the rest of the ONE mag crew were on hand to help Robert Lievanos celebrate his 26th birthday. Come inside to read and see more.

louie louie

Here’s the mastermind himself. Louie made arrangements to make sure his homeboy had a nice night on the town… and judging from the looks of these pics, it was a success. Thanks Louie!

rob and katie

If you don’t know, Rob’s got himself a rad girl named Katie and this is the two of them living it up. Will Katie come through with her promises of a wild night of karaoke? Only time will tell.

arlo and his ladies

Thanks to the ASA being in town, Arlo and some other special guests were on hand to share the good times. As you can see, the long day took its toll on lil’ Lulu… but I’m sure that she’s back to full-power today thanks to the powers of Arlo- a.k.a. SUPERDADDY.

rob and jenn

Rob talks to Jenn from Rat Tail about pointers for getting his ROYALTY line into shops. The birthday boy knows to learn from the best.

beau and tracy

Beau “Airzooka” Cottington was representing with his peeps, seen here catching up with Tracy White, who was also in town to judge the ASA. Lucky for everyone Beau’s hand-eye coordination was a bit off so the Airzooka didn’t cause too much chaos.

tracy - a grown ass man!

Tracy – pockets overflowing with ASA per diem – buys himself a steak and celebrates for your viewing pleasure. This is how a grown-ass-man does it!

wes and eric

Wes attempts to appear possessed while Eric Schrijn looks on like, “You gotta be kidding me.”

Beau’s girlie chills with Katie and though they look happy, we’re pretty sure they were ready to go home.

bad boys

Last but certainly not least, Beau tries to floss his Airzooka like a gat, and Rob tries to look less like a birthday boy who had himself a good time and more like a thug.

Thanks for sharing your party with us Rob, and don’t let those rising years scare ya… Fade Hurricane is still rocking strong.

Discussion / ON THE INSIDE: Rob Lievanos’ Birthday Party

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  • Geoff Acers - September 25th, 2006

    happy bday robby, sorry we missed it!

  • beau - September 26th, 2006

    yeeeeeeah biatch! airzooka like a mo’fucka!

  • ru_stockwell - October 2nd, 2006

    happy bday, dude! do you remember funny times visiting Moscow? i do.. =)

  • Flan - October 5th, 2006

    Open your fucking eyes, Driver! Waistoid…NYC misses you.

  • Flan - October 5th, 2006

    Wastoid? The other spelling works better phonetically…Wasteoid?

  • wesdriver - October 5th, 2006

    I know I know. I look retarded. 🙂

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