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Sean Cullen: An Unusual Suspect

Hey Shawn, first thing first — what’s with the new spelling of your name? (His email account says “Shawn.”)
New? It’s been spelled Sea for la while that was just a creative way to spell “C” ’cause everyone calls me “C” or “Sean C.” I didn’t come up with that just went with it. It’s cool, like the ocean.

How about INRI, you have new projects on the horizon for that?
Yeah, we have a new line out so click HERE and go over THERE to up your game a lil’ bit with some new threads… after you’re done reading this.

In the past each of your sections has featured at least one trick that’s never been done. What new ground are you exploring?
Still playing a lot with wally to grinds, like actually riding up vertical walls to different grinds. Just coming up with different tricks and ways to ride up and down the wall at the beginning or end of a grind. I think wallies and pole jams look sick on blades. I am exploring pole jams too, but I think it’s retarded how when some people see a sick pole jam on blades they’re like “that was a step-on that was weak” but it’s like “You can’t really jump both feet from a pole thats’ literally just starting at the ground.” That’s just simply how you have to do a pole jam.

As we’ve discussed before, you’ve got a pretty amazing reputation — For antics, many of them recalled for me by your old SF homies. Which of these is true: you walked out of a party wearing a full-faced motorcycle helmet with a dude’s laptop, or you got pulled over while driving in a sleeping mask in a BMW with bad plates?
Yeah, I got pulled over for driving in a sleeping mask. I used to do this trick to my homeys where I would be driving down Market Street — or any street with cable car tracks — and I would get my wheels caught in the tracks so I could feel it and then while driving just like turn around and look the other way completely for like a few blocks. Everyone would be screaming and freaking out like “TURN THE FUCK AROUND!” Ha ha, I could feel it if the car came off the tracks so it wasn’t as dangerous as it sounds. Anyway, we applied my blind driving skills to the sleepwalking portion of “The Apple” and kinda pressed our luck a bit to get the shots we needed. Eventually we got pulled over for reckless endangerment. I don’t think the car had bad plates, but I can’t really remember though. I used to just go the auctions and cop new whips like every week. And just slang ’em and fuck ’em up and stuff. I always had like two or three random vehicles sitting around. As for the laptop story, that was settling up on an old debt. When somebody owes me money and doesn’t pay, I always get paid one way or another. The security caught me as I was getting on my bike and I knocked him out with one punch and then another dude grabbed my bike. I was pulling away, ninja-kicked him off as I was skerting outta there, and barely got away. A lot of people were standing out front and a couple people that know me saw the whole thing and told people about it so the story got around. Rough Times in Babylon. 

Are there better ones? Do tell. Any good P Leno tales also accepted.
There are much better ones. Some too dark to share, ha ha. You probably want to hear of some funny shit… perhaps you heard the one from Schude about when someone vandalized my moto? I went to his house, punched through the window, kidnapped his dog and held it ransom ’till he paid me in full for the bike. That one always makes me laugh when I think about it. My roommate’s asking me after like three days of the dog at our house, “Dude how long are you planning on keeping the dog?!” “UNTIL HE FUCKIN’ PAYS ME!!” Dude finally caved and I got my money.

One of the more epic Leno stories was when we left this party all wasted and were driving home on his moto. I’m sitting on the back, smokin’ a bogey, and Leno’s just flying through the streets going like 90. A cop pulls out behind us and puts his siren on to pull us over. Leno’s wasted as fuck so opts to try and ditch the cop. Minutes later I’m on a fuckin’ hellride, goin’ about 140, ducking and dodging through the hills with a full-on siren blaring behind us. Finally we turn up a street that is a dead end by accident and we get cornered in by the cop. The cop was screaming “put your hands up” with his gun out and shit and Leno jumps off then with some quick thinking is all like “Hey, sorry, I didn’t see you. I’m really sorry. I had to get my girl her keys before her parents got home and I was in a huge rush” or some shit, and the cop seriously was just like “Alright well, YOU NEED TO FUCKING SLOW DOWN!” or some shit. And then just got in his car and rolled away. Our mouths just dropped. We were so lucky. Ha ha.

How did you first get on blades?
I used to skateboard when I was super young, and used to skate at the Boulder Park every day like the little grommet local. One day they had a rollerblade comp. Cory Nelson and B Love and the Ft Collins dudes were shredding the halfpipe and the street course really hard. It got me really pumped I guess. Cory was about my size at the time and was catching like 6-foot airs on a 12-foot vert. I had never even see any boarder or biker even air as high as these guys on the pipe, and he was doing like pretty high McTwists — like 4- or 6-foot and shit — so I was just kinda like DAMN THIS IS WHERE IT’S AT THESE DUDES ARE FUCKIN’ SKYROCKETING! Cory was a nutty little kid that used to do some super gnarly tricks back then, super rad. Alley-oop souls on super steep rails and crazy kink rails.

I got some blades and started hanging with those dudes when they would come to Boulder and then eventually met some bladers that were in Boulder too, like Joel Foss and Tracy White. And the homey Ginger Conrad — OG team rollerblade rider — she is super rad. She used to have a sick halfpipe in her backyard. And between Cory and the Ft Collins dudes and Joel and the Boulder dudes, I had a good group of awesome dudes that really got me pumped to skate and push myself. I got really good really fast and blading just became way more fun than skateboarding. That was that. I also got a job working at In-Line Magazine which was also rad. I got a lot of free gear and picked up a couple sponsors, kinda through that. Companies like Kryptonics, Lazzy Legs and Beach Street. Boulder was kinda like a minor hub for blading back then. And I started a company back then when I was like 15, called Scrub. It was a clothing/shoelace company for blades, and a lot of dudes liked the gear and I made some good cash doing that. When I was 16 I bought a brand new Dodge Neon, and then had like a few different pretty dope cars when I was like a tiny little kid. I didn’t hit puberty ’till I was like 17 or 18, I think, so I was like this tiny little kid who looked about 12 rocking like the nicest car at Boulder High. It was hilarious.

Who is your biggest influence?
Genevieve and Avalon

Those are your daughters, right? How old are they now?
Yeah, and Barbie is mommy. The girls are 3 and 4.

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Discussion / Sean Cullen: An Unusual Suspect

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  • JSF - July 8th, 2013

    I really hope you don’t effect those poor girls in a negative way, it’s one thing to fuck up your own life but those girls didn’t choose for you to be their father.

    Hope you act responsibly for their sake.

  • Celerity - July 8th, 2013

    some ill skating!

  • DICKHEAD - July 8th, 2013

    That was extremely lame. Those clips were tighter when you posted them on instagram.

  • Sean Sea - July 9th, 2013

    hey ‘jsf” r u referring to the video? I didn’t make that, please do not try and reflect your own daddy issues onto me or my girls. hey dickhead-fuk off. Thx -Sea

  • Chris - July 9th, 2013

    That INRI 2013 promo was fuckin badass! Love from the UK

  • Arlo - July 9th, 2013

    You are just an aging hipster who has burned all your bridges. Your skating wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t such a fag

  • WALDO - July 10th, 2013

    Dog, come on. You know you’re ice.

  • Kostka - July 11th, 2013

    The Scrub team video is due for a re-issue, I think.

  • Barbie - July 11th, 2013

    Thank you @JSF.

  • Adam - July 18th, 2013

    has anyone else noticed the fact that each one of the photos in this article are literally better than any cover that one mag has ever had? anyone who knows whats up would easily agree. rollerblading is wack.

  • Amanda - September 2nd, 2013

    This guy Sean is a real scumbag. He is beyond irresponsible. Someone call child services for his kids. He lost his dog. An 85 year old man found his dog and cared him only to have this pos fail to pay the $5,000 reward he offered and went on to publicly bash an 85 year old man and entire community stating that people in Eagle Rock and Highland Park have no morals and are garbage. Look at this dirty loser, screw him.

  • Dog Lovers Unite - September 2nd, 2013
  • Noel McCarthy - September 2nd, 2013

    You are the worst person I have ever heard of.
    Clearly a filthy liar – it also seems quite clear you had no intention of paying anyone $5,000.
    Do us all a favor and stay in the OC with your stupid fucking rollerblades.

  • Sam - September 2nd, 2013

    What a dork, this Sean. Total loser.

  • Susan - September 3rd, 2013

    Lowest of the low. Yes, by all means stay in OC where you belong. What kind of idiot drives off and doesn’t miss his dog and returns “hours later” looking for him. Clearly stupid as a stone.

  • RK - September 3rd, 2013

    Oh my god… If I was his dog, I’d want to get away from him based solely on him being a douche. Way to go, dickhead! Keep on talking sh*t on NELA you goofy ungrateful fruitbooter… Or better yet, take your myopic ways back to the OC you effin’ sheep.

  • sharpie - September 3rd, 2013

    “perhaps you heard the one from Schude about when someone vandalized my moto? I went to his house, punched through the window, kidnapped his dog and held it ransom ’till he paid me in full for the bike. That one always makes me laugh when I think about it. My roommate’s asking me after like three days of the dog at our house, “Dude how long are you planning on keeping the dog?!” “UNTIL HE FUCKIN’ PAYS ME!!” Dude finally caved and I got my money. ” You are a piece of shit. Ransoming someone’s dog? I read that thing about your own lost dog. I feel sorry for your dog, your kids and that old man. You ought to do the world a favor and disappear.

  • Michael b. - September 5th, 2013

    You pathetic waste of life. Your a straight up con-man, your day will come Sean Your adorable girls will become women with hard core daddy issues, hooking up with men that FUCKING lie all the time. Karma will suit you well.

  • U NI Corn balls - June 24th, 2015

    You’re 37. It’s 2015. The only ‘whip’ u ever had was your moms red saturn or whatever you could barrow steal. Never come up toSF. YOU ARE PURE EVIL AND JUST LYING SHIT.

    MATT M.

  • Ben Schwab - October 24th, 2016

    barbie AKA “Sharpie’ Aka Matt AKA “Susan’ AKA ‘Matt M
    Don’t bother wasting any more of your time obsessing over this interview. Anybody and everybody knows it’s just some butt hurt psycho ex of Sean’s leaving all the fucked up comments; it’s really obvious : / . But great job trying to justify leaving a good looking guy with mad heart for a really ugly douchey guy just because he has more money…thanks for your kooky opinions that clearly serve nothing except your own self interest to nullify guilt for hurting innocent children but you may wanna get your facts straight so it’s not so obvious that it’s some psycho heartbroken ex gf of his. I know Sean very well and I know all the shit you say is straight bullshit, you make really obvious..I know Sean is only 34 and it’s 2016. I’m just sayin if you are gonna spend a bunch of time obsessing of your ex mans interviews leaving comments u may wanna at least get your facts straight. It’ll make your comments prove to be more legit and considering it sounds like you don’t know the guy; make it less obvious why you got dumped. His Mum has never had a “red Saturn” in her life and Sean has owned literally over 100″whips” since he first became obsessed with making money ( and cars) by buying/selling used cars at age 19 after going to the SF police auction and seeing you could buy nice running cars for next to nothing am resell then for profit. He had owned a brand new Jaguar for years I know till he sold it recently and before that he’s had about 6 or 7 jags total…so yeah your comments are just getting really dumb, rollerblading is a really small community and most bladers that would ever read this know Sean. And therefore know he always has nice cars etc

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