Corey Oringderff / May 22nd, 2012 / Blogs
Atlanta Sessions

Atlanta is one of the coolest scenes around. They might not put out a lot of mainstream content anymore, but a lot of these guys are still out there shredding every day. We drove up there to meet up with the crew at Carson’s place, then we headed off to this neat little bank to ledge spot. After that, we migrated to a building next to one of the A-Town Stomp spots. This one had an out ledge and two 4-stair sets.

Walt Austin / AO Pornstar

Carson Starnes / Disaster Royale

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Discussion / Atlanta Sessions

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  • Alan Hughes - May 22nd, 2012

    Hell yeah, Corey. Those pics are sick and seeing Walt skating again made my day.

  • Frank Stoner - May 23rd, 2012


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