Corey Oringderff / May 22nd, 2012 / Blogs
Atlanta Sessions

Julian Bah / AO Topside Pornstar

David Sizemore / Roll to Acid on small pipe

The final spot was David’s roll to acid. He had two little pieces of wood to roll on and then grind this janky pipe that was sticking out of the hill. Thankfully I was able to snap a few photos during the trip, despite not having good batteries for flashes (thanks Sears for selling me three packs of AAs that didn’t work). If you ever want to skate with some awesome dudes, go to awesome spots and have a good time, then get yourself to Atlanta.

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Discussion / Atlanta Sessions

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  • Alan Hughes - May 22nd, 2012

    Hell yeah, Corey. Those pics are sick and seeing Walt skating again made my day.

  • Frank Stoner - May 23rd, 2012


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