Jeff Linett / July 18th, 2013 / Blogs
PHOTO VAULT #2: Dustin Latimer (Handslide)

In 2003, Billy Prislin’s cliffside Isla Vista apartment always had an exclusive guest list. For a week, Dustin Latimer and Kevin Gillan were briefly in town getting a few final clips in the Santa Barbara 805 area, some of which ended up in WORDS. On this particular day we started off late at a school in Santa Barbara where Dustin did a unique fishbrain in the crack between the sidewalk and a curved curb. While heading back to Isla Vista, everyone stopped at a newly discovered bank that Jeff Berg, Josh Graning, David Wittman, Juan Mosqueda, Billy Prislin and I had caked with a few boxes of CUTS+BRUISES wax. It was a exceptional mix of paraffin and fiberglass that allowed you to fly on cess slides. After everyone cess slid the bank in more ways than you can think of, DL decided he needed to be pulled by Billy’s car to hand-slide up the now icy bank.

Discussion / PHOTO VAULT #2: Dustin Latimer (Handslide)

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  • Josh Graning - July 19th, 2013

    That was a killer day.

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