Jeff Linett / August 8th, 2013 / Blogs
PHOTO VAULT #4: Eric Schrijn

When I briefly lived in San Diego, I had the privilege of skating and shooting with Mr. Eric Schrijn on a regular basis. And out of all the images we made together, this was always one of my favorites. Technically, a lot went wrong… and it all works. I used to like shooting with older Hasselbla cameras. Of course, the draw back to a 1970s camera body was sometimes you had unexpected issues. On this night not only did Eric land the alley-oop fish in the dark, but I had perfect light leak along with lens flare that actually cooperated with me. This down ledge used to be next to what was the fun little Oceanside skatepark, but sadly both are now gone.  

Discussion / PHOTO VAULT #4: Eric Schrijn

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  • HK - August 9th, 2013

    Great shot, Jeff!

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