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Tracy White’s Blade Museum — Countdown to BCSD

Keep up with the next 22 days during Tracy’s online/Facebook countdown to BCSD!

CLICK HERE for Tracy White Blade Museum FB Page


22 days ’til BCSD… are you going? Everyday until then I will feature a new addition to the TWBM. First up, the “Xtreme Sports Inline skating” US Postal Stamp, released on June 25th, 1999. Legend Jimmy Trimble is on on the stamp, with his patented cross grab, aka ‘rasta pasta’.

—Tracy White



 Got some stuff cooking here too, so don’t think the faucet is completely dry.


And then there is this, that is ‘yes’.

John Robision shared it on the internets and I hadn’t seen it yet. Yes, I know it’s not rollerblading.

Discussion / Tracy White’s Blade Museum — Countdown to BCSD

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