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2016 A-Town Stomp

For seven years the bladers of Atlanta have been throwing their own brand of street comp and this year’s A-Town Stomp was no different. Crews and skaters from across the U.S. found their way to this southern summertime institution for a day of hot blading in the hot sun. Rollerblade pro Cameron Talbott made the trip, and was generous enough to provide a quick look into his experiences, documented by notorious blade personality John “EZ” Goez. Have a look.

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This was my first time ever attending the A-town Stomp and I had a damn fine time to say the least. This contest reminded me why I choose to skate and be part of such a rad community. Everyone involved in all aspects of the contest showed nothing but love and respect for one another. It really felt more like a huge session with all the homies then it felt like a contest.

AB Spectates

Farm and Gaby

Talbott / Sweatstance

Hunter Grimm

Julian and Friend

J Bah / Fishbrain

Tim Schmidt

Philip Moore / Topside Negative Acid

It was just a rad session feel, was good to see everyone so hyped on one another. Good vibes all around. Haha so damn hot that day! Was like 100 and very humid. But from what I hear, that’s just Atlanta in the summer. — Cameron Talbott

Photos by John Goez

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