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Colorado Road Trip: Never Too Late For A First Time

Another Colorado Road Trip down, another Hamm can downed. As a Denver resident I’ve written about the Road Trip way too many times, and it wouldn’t be fair to simply go through the motions one more time. So instead to mix things up I reached out to Gino Gotelli to share his perspective as a first timer with both his lens and his words. Enjoy.

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Our crew from Texas caught a super early morning flight out as we were eager to get up into the mountains and enjoy some much needed vacation time. I must admit, for as long as the Colorado Road Trip has been going on, this was my first trip out to the Centennial State. Our first stop took us nearly 10,000 feet up to Frisco before setting up camp on top of Elbert Forebay.

Troy Maimone / Fish

I can’t remember the last time I skated more than one park a day. To prepare, every morning we’d wake up and head to the reservoir to jump in some very cold water. We’d get our ‘Wim Hof’ breathing and meditation in. It’s exactly what the body needs for days of skating in the mountains from dawn to dusk.

Leadville Skatepark

The skateparks in the mountains are absolutely breathtaking. Quite literally, I might add. You go for a run in any one of those bowls and you’re sure to be wheezing hella hard. The elevation took a couple days to get adjusted to.

Zach Pavel / AOTP

The Mile High Battle fundraiser took place in Leadville and, I’m here to tell you, it was sick. The organizers had small heats of dudes (plus bladie Megan Peterson) rip the bowl all afternoon. It was chill, but amazing lines were laid down by Chad Hornish, Michael Garlinghouse, Zack Pavel, and Hayden Ball. After the contest, everyone scattered to their separate parks and activities. Later that night, everyone reconvened around the fire where Chad was announced winner. Then, like every night, we partied.

Garlinghouse / Stale Air

Frisco Adventure Park

If you’ve never been on, I highly recommend you mark your calendar for the first weekend in August next year. Don’t miss out on some amazing parks, mountains, good vibes, and a great time.

Milky Way

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