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EVENT: Grindhouse + ONE = Summerclash Pics

Grindhouse and ONE teamed up to get photographer Holger Thalmann to Berlin in time to catch Summerclash, and we’re pleased to announce that not only did he get there in time, but we’ve got the goods right here to prove it. Follow the link and check ’em all out.

Presented in no particular order…

Alex slipped into his Bailey trainers and got into some futbol with Jochen. Is that the biggest goal ever in the background?

Mystery Man Amatuer Champ busting out with a big 540 transfer to the bank.

Our Mystery Man celebrates his victory. Know who this is? Tell us (nicely).

Razors team came out in force with dudes like Aragon rolling around, hangin’ out here with Lepsi.

Whoa damn, is that Demetrios? Must be. And check out UCON hustin’ behind them…

Avichai with a big-ass Liu Kang 360, paying no attention to the shoe-pole behind him.

Later on Avichai won the Best Trick Comp presented by Grindhouse.

Are they cheering for the camera, or just two smelly campers airing out their pits? And they thought no one was looking…

Julien Cudot took 2nd Place in the Pro Comp (according to Holger’s caption. What do we know?), and celebrated by giving Jojo the Obama bump.

Ignition, 4×4, Vicious, and Ground Control rider and general crazy shit Dominik Wagner won the pro comp. Nice work.

Camping always seems like a good idea until you realize you smell, and you’ve got a sweaty buildup in places you didn’t even know existed, you have to take a douce, and you know you’ve got three more days of it to endure. In this case add blading, too.

Bailey, either feeling the strain of the Ignition sausage eating contest, or the effects of wrecking himself. Neither seems pleasant.

Eat your heart out all you film-tech heads… this dude has the real deal broadcast set up. His gear is worth more than your life.

Chris Haffey goes for the jugular with this launch to wallride to soul grind on the top of the world.

ONE friend Stefan “The Headband” Horngacher gives us his best Spider-Man impression around the wallride.

Summerclash had a chick blade event as well as the Am and Pro deals. Seasoned vet Jenna Dowling came out and threw down with tricks like this topsoul.

She-Blader Steffi lays down a textbook front nugen.

Oh no way, look kids, Jenna won the She-Blade event!

In case we hadn’t mentioned it (we didn’t), Summerclash was held at some outdoor counter culture paradise called Mellowpark. This is what it looks like.

It just wouldn’t be a German event or a Holger assignment without a dope Daniel Prell photo, seen here with a super-styley ao topsoul.

Apparently, if you were a pro skater at the Summerclash, this was THE place to be.

Check out the rest of our Summerclash coverage in ONE #11, coming this August.

All Photos © 2008 Holger Thalmann (

Discussion / EVENT: Grindhouse + ONE = Summerclash Pics

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  • je - June 23rd, 2008

    The first picture makes me want to “follow the ARLO-brick road” all the way to Oz, or at least to Berlin and Mellowpark…

  • Warren - June 24th, 2008

    your mistery amatuer man is Loic Charlier! a french!! I hope there will be more pictures of this awsome event!!!

  • mathou - June 24th, 2008

    The Mystery Man Amateur is : Loic Charlier 🙂

    It’s a french boy

  • Alexx - June 24th, 2008

    the mysterious man who won am comps, is named Loic Charlier.. from france..

  • Greg - June 24th, 2008

    Your mysterious man is called Loic Charlier…

  • Clem - June 24th, 2008

    For sure, the mysterious man’s name is Loic Charlier.

  • alan - June 24th, 2008

    When is issue #10 coming out?

  • je - June 24th, 2008

    alan, #10 is out. are you a subscriber waiting for your copy? email me

  • BorisG - June 25th, 2008

    great pictures

    love the constant updates

    keep it up Wes and Justin =)

  • stu - June 26th, 2008

    1 thing i noticed was that in the she skate division some chick named christina had the best style by far. I dont kno why she didnt win. Other than that i didnt really watch much alse just kept tryin to mingle with christina i gave her my number.

  • TomC - June 26th, 2008

    What a great competition. The french boy won but didnt sign up? Sounds like the reporters LOST on that one. Anyway. Wish i coulda been there keep up the good work.

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