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EVENTS: Aug. 7th LA All Day Edit and results

Thanks to all the skaters who came out and supported L.A’s only contest series. The level of skating is rising fast and the last L.A. All Day will be no exception. Come down to check out rollerblading history on September 11th, 2010. Go to for more. — Carlos Kessell

August 7th LA All Day Results:


1. Daquan Johnson

2. Jude Agbasi

3. Nnaji Agbasi

4. Ace MacFee

5. Maxamillion Bader

6. Sam Whittert

7. Hunter Feldman

8. Josh Johnson

9. Christian Trice

10. Seth Gunawardena

11. Mason Sieber


1. Jack Simmonds

2. Julien Budge

3. Phillip Kostic

4. Advanced

5. Garret Kanter

6. Tyler Riso

7. Gavin Livesy

8. Cameron Davis


1. Byron Snatchy

2. Sean Cowen

3. David Jones

4. Sean Rodriguez

5. Rick Rodriguez

6. Nacho Romero

7. David Jenkins

ONE would like to give a special note of appreciate to Carlos Kessell, Tracy White, and everyone who’s efforts helped make the LA All Day series everything that it is. A new chapter is about to unfold for this community-building event, and ONE plans to keep you posted on any and all developments. Blade on. — ONE

Discussion / EVENTS: Aug. 7th LA All Day Edit and results

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  • Carlos "Locell" Kessell - August 25th, 2010

    Nice edit guys, I like how you got the groms in there. Songs dope too!

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