Chris Duke / January 23rd, 2013 / Events
Jeph Howard’s Summit Blade Comp

Anybody you’d like to thank?
Well, first and foremost we gotta thank the guys at Summit. We said we wanted to do a contest and they said “Yes! When? Let’s do this!” And thanks to Justin over at ONE mag, they threw a bunch of product our way, Aggressive Mall, Sunshine Distribution, The Conference, Chris Farmer and Alex Broskow actually brought a lot of product, too. I still can’t believe the support we got. Thank you guys so much!

Tim Franken.

Tim Franken / Fakie 540 Topsoul

Ryan Parker / True Fish

Mike French / AO Wallride to Bank

Logan Clark / Wallride to Fish

Jeph Howard / AO Makio

David Walsh / TTP

Chemi Simiyu / 540 Transfer

Chase Linzmeyer / Box Roll 180

Brian Bruno / AO Topsoul

Corey Glanville / AO Top Acid

Dereck French / AO Fish

Ben Weis / Soul to Soul Transfer

Ryan Parker / BS Roy to AO Topsoul

Full Results:

Intermediate Comp:
1. Ryan D. Johnson
2. Falcon BalaenopteraAcutorostrata Gott
3. Alexander Berg

Advanced Comp:
1. Corey Glanville
2. Logan Clark
3. Tim Franken

Photos and interview by Chris Duke

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Discussion / Jeph Howard’s Summit Blade Comp

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  • Huh - January 23rd, 2013

    What was Ben Weis in prison for?

  • Chris Duke - January 23rd, 2013

    Well he’s out now, so maybe we’ll run a Ben Weis piece?

  • Matt - January 23rd, 2013

    GIFs dont loop

  • Michael French - January 23rd, 2013

    That was a great summary of an AMAZING time at Summit Skate park! Thanks Jeph. We’re going to have to do something similar real soon, I can almost walk right again!

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