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Spetz says you’re coming to Cleveland


Reasons to attend King of Cleveland by Jimmy Spetz

**We want to PAY you for your street skating**

**Under $200 round trips to CLE (check out Spirit or Frontier)**

**Lodging, with potential pickup, and many places to stay including camp friendly sites. (Please contact Lorenzo Thompson or Jimmy Spetz on Facebook for details)**


*All times; spots; relative/criteria posted HERE**

**Larry Flint’s Street Team joining at the last spot + Free Admission to their workplace.**

!!!!?Rain!? Don’t care!!!!

!!!?Cold!? Don’t care!!!

!!?Ebola!? Beat it last year!!

!It’s Cleveland; you gotta be tough!

**Watch the edit up top from last year!**

**Here’s photos from last year by Jamie Elliot**:


Melehan can.

Judging and stuff.

Contemplative Collin.


Photos by Jamie Elliot

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