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NYC Street Invite 2023: Final Spot Still Captures

500 phones out grabbing clips and live video at the NYC Street Invite, but a great photo still captures a moment in time that’s open for interpretation. They provide moments that can be savored, studied, scrutinized for subtle details that the quick motion of a video clip may not provide. While we prep our own video drop we have these images from Thomas De Los Santos that freeze the Metro Card Classic weekend action and provide a brief glimpse into the excitement as it unfolded on the final spot. This is series 1… more to follow.

* * * *

Jbah / Topsoul

Mick Cassals / Fishbrain

Eugen Enin / Abstract 540

Eugen Enin / Negative Miszou

Michael Weitzmann / 450 Transfer

Michael Weitzmann / Topsoul

Michael Weitzmann / Backslide

Angsty Yandriel Silverio / AO Top Porn

Jon Voss / Car Gap

Mick Cassals / AO Top Porn

Pablo Porta / Topsoul

Sasha Simms / Rocket 180

Shrede / Flyfish 270

Jon Voss / Fastslide

Michael Weitzmann / AO Unity

Michael Weitzmann / Back Farf

Eugen Enin / 450 Royale 450 Out

Mick Cassals / Backslide

[The END]

Photos by Thomas De Los Santos

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