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Texas Skate Series: Austin

Crowd at Five Hips / Spot 1

The Texas Skate Series.”What is it?” you might ask. Well, we Texans don’t really quite know ourselves. This series of events is the brainchild of William Kennedy and Anthony Medina (Dag Days). It derived from a few conversations between the two concerning the state of rollerblading in The Lone Star State. You see, there were some pretty large cracks in the scene that needed some filling. Too many major cities with raw, unparalleled talent and too few kosher relationships between them. I wouldn’t call it “beef” between any two people or crews, but just a lack of camraderie; no sense of brotherhood. The “TSS” was born and now our scene, our state, is undeniably stronger and more tightly united.

Chris Fleener / Liu Kang / Spot 1

There are six total stops in the series, three of which have come and gone. The first was January 21, in my hometown of Corpus Christi. Since it was the first stop in the series, and being the city that’s further away from the others, we didn’t really expect a large turnout. Ian Freunscht ended up winning the stop, and more people showed than what I had planned for. I had a house full of filthy, savage rollerbladers — strewn across the back patio, across the tile floor, in the hallway, my roommate’s floor, etc. It was damn good times that set this series of events in thunderous motion.

Fritz Peitzner / TTS / Spot 1

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Discussion / Texas Skate Series: Austin

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  • Frank Stoner - June 8th, 2012

    GREAT article, Rob!

  • jarrod mcbay - June 8th, 2012

    Great writing rob you hit the nail on the head. Nothing but love for all the texas bladers. Just keep rolling and doing it for the love of our culture!!!!!

  • rob z - June 10th, 2012

    Thanks dudes! Texas represents!

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