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Winterclash 2020 Part 1: The Pros

Winterclash 2020 brought skaters from over 40 countries around the world to Eindhoven, Netherland’s Area51 skaterpark for the event’s 16th annual showing. Throughout those years many evolutions have taken place, among them the addition of side events and panels that allow a chance to interact and learn from past pioneers and tomorrow’s innovators. In this sense Winterclash has become the definitive celebration of rollerblading past and present, with this year’s Pro Category putting this fusion into effect with legends such as Jon Julio and Sven Boekhorst skating alongside past winners of Junior and Am Comps such as Dominic Bruce, Xavi Euguino, and Diako Diaby, plus additional favorites such as Billy O’Neill and Gabriel Hyden. This incredible mix of talent made for an exciting and unpredictable event that ONE photographer Dean Bradley and contributing lensman John Goez were there to capture. Enjoy these highlights from the Pro Division.

* * * *

Witzemann / Backslide / Bradley

Hoggan / Backflip Topsoul / Bradley

Paz / TTS / Goez

Aragon & Fans / Goez

Tomek / Fakie Dub / Bradley

Bukowski / Gap True Top Acid / Bradley

Guilloud / Farv 360 Farv / Bradley

Jbah / Goez

Sven / Stall / Goez

THEM Guys / Goez

Yuto / Soul Drop Soul / Goez

Zenk / Top Acid / Bradley

Genoud / Kung Lao / Bradley

Pro Comp, Pro Crowds / Goez

Anne / Farv to Backslide / Bradley

Hyden / Fastslide / Bradley

Xavi Eguino / TTS / Bradley

Sizemore / Back Sav / Bradley

AB / FC AO Topsoul 360 / Bradley

O’Neill / Goez

O’Neill / Disaster True Fish / Bradley

Bobi / Big Spins / Bradley

Guilloud / Gap AO Top Acid / Bradley

Atkinson / Loco for Loco / Bradley

Nils / Wipeout / Goez

Nils / Gap TTS / Bradley

Franck and Diako / Goez

Diako / Gap 540 AO Soul / Bradley

Diako takes the win / Bradley

Pro Top 3 / Bradley

Congrats to the pro riders:

1. Diako Diaby
2. Nils Jansons
3. Dominic Bruce

[The END]

We have so much more to show… so check back soon to see the rest!

Photos by Dean Bradley and John Goez

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  • Lfm - February 21st, 2020

    Hi oneblademag, its Bukowski, not Pottier in TTA

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