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Winterclash 2024: The Jem Experience

Winterclash 2024 went off as always. Once shrouded in “secrecy” until edits and posts started popping up, today the entire event is live-streamed officially and broadcast in real time unofficially by nearly 1,000 phone-wielding blade paparazzi from every conceivable angle. With that in mind, we thought a different approach was in order, so for a fresh perspective we asked Norfolk, UK-based blade photographer Jem to share her photos and a few words on this year’s event. She did just that, snapping tricks and social moments that capture the raw energy and excitement that courses through Area 51 skatepark during the weekend. Now enjoy this time capsule of the year’s first can’t-miss event and start planning your trip for 2025 now.

[Carla Pasquinelli / AO Top Porn]

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Mery Munoz / Top Soul

Supporting the bladers

Danilo Senna / Mute Flat 360

Winterclash 2024 was my 4th time visiting Area 51, my 50th beer in the Tipsy Duck, but my first time capturing this unique event on camera. For me, Winterclash means another trip to the motherland to reconnect with friends and a weekend full of love for rollerblading that brings people in from all over the world! It’s not just about the competition; it’s about the community, the camaraderie, and the shared passion for rollerblading.

Beau Warren / Backslide

On Deck


When I walked through the crowd this year, camera in hand, I’m was struck by the energy in the air. Every person, every grind, every trick was a testament to the dedication and skill of these bladers and bladies. I couldn’t wait to capture these moments from my perspective.

Jamie Willis / Misty

Matt Mickey / Royale

Michael Witzemann / Front Farv

David Sizemore / 540 KG

Winterclash is a celebration of freedom and expression. It’s about pushing boundaries, both on and off skates. I’m grateful for the opportunity to freeze these memories, to share the beauty of rollerblading with the world. Here’s to many, many more. — Jem x

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