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ONE Digital v.5

The fifth installment of ONE Digital is ready to read, share, swipe… whatever it is you do with your time in front of a screen. It’s FREE. And it’s ready to go.

Go? How about travel. Since the release of ONE Digi v.4, something big happened for Issuu — they released the official Issuu iOS app.

Now, viewing the mag on the go with your iPhone or iPad has the same resolution, navigation, and social features as the full-blown browser experience. And probably more (it’s new so we haven’t learned everything yet). It’s an incredible way to interact with photos and content (just spend some time viewing backgrounds and crowds in the Pow-Wow story!), something that’s been hamstrung in the past by Apple/Issuu beef. No more! Whether you use Android or Apple as your mobile software platform, both now have a robust reading experience at your fingertips.

But what good is that fancy tech junk without content?! ONE Digi v.5 brings the blade world to your screen with as diverse a mix of content as we’ve ever assembled. We’ve got Dutchman Edwin Wieringh shredding in San Diego, a collection of rippers representing the South West UK for Sam Cooper‘s camera (check the cover shot!), full-fledged and 16-page deep coverage of the 2015 Pow-Wow Pro/Am, a one-spot spot check with Chris Smith in ATL, a diverse PICKS gallery with some first-time contributors, Take 5 with the one-and-only Nils Jansons, and our take on a Sports Illustrated-style story about blading’s female powerhouse Coco Sanchez.

As the internet keeps making the world a smaller place, the more obvious it becomes that blading is alive and well in many forms in all corners of the globe. While some believe that elitism and exclusion are keys to developing an image or generating success, ONE Digi is a stark reminder of the power of inclusion.

We like seeing other rollerbladers in the world, whether or not they meet or exceed our standards of what makes a blader. We want to see more bladers in the world. And maybe part of creating that momentum is to learn to love the damn rollerbladers we already have. They’re great! They love blading! And they’re talented as hell.

And they come in many different packages and locations and lives than you may ever imagine.

Which brings us back to Digi v.5.

It’s here. It’s ready. It’s diverse. And you’re just one click away…

– Download The PDF File Here –

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