ONE Staff / January 16th, 2007 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Adam Morris #1

Adam Morris provides ONE with expert Copy Editing, and now steps up to the plate with his first Photo Journal. Expect more from this emerging Midwest photographer/media talent.

A dozen or so skaters gathered nearby as Logan Clark walked up the stairs. I set up my flashes and found an angle. Logan had waited all weekend to do this trick, but going to this spot just wasn’t working out the way we’d planned. We’d thought about going here earlier that fall day, before dark, but the church crowd was in full force. After dark, I said maybe we should save the spot for another trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I’m glad Logan disagreed.

There was little light. With a fickle streetlight occasionally bathing the scene in burnt orange, he did a couple of royales, dropping to the sidewalk from the first slant each time, so I could get a feel for my angle and how the alleyoop unity to drop would go down. A few seconds later it was over. First try. – Adam Morris

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Adam Morris #1

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  • Brian Krans - January 16th, 2007

    Morris rules all. He makes the Iowa Connection work. I look forward to writing for him and the rest of the Iowa kids. Keep it up Morris!

  • Tobiah Deutsch - March 30th, 2007


    Good stuff! Keep up the lens work.


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