Corey Oringderff / April 4th, 2014 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Corey Oringderff #8

Myself and the rest of the Macon crew try to float around to other cities as often as possible. Seth (Lloyd) films, I often take photos, and everybody else just shreds. This particular weekend was just me and Seth on a quick venture to Atlanta to film/take photos and capture as much of Atlanta as we could. We set out on our hour-long trip to meet up with everybody and chill for the weekend.

On this particular day, Carson Starnes and Chris Smith were skating a flat rail to drop handicap and everybody else was chilling at the cars, ready for the next deal… and about 45 minutes we’re still watching these guys lay down some sweet maneuvers. Finally we headed to another spot that was this down rail with flat ledges on the grass side. The last photo I shot during the short weekend trip was Julian Bah hopping over the flat rail to roll on the block, hop back royale onto the rail, then hop to fakie roll cab out on the last block.

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Corey Oringderff #8

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