Greg King / October 11th, 2010 / Photo Journal

Mute 180

Mason Richard blows my fucking mind. When we showed up to this spot I was convinced nothing was going to go down. Steep rails with knobs and a massive 14-stair gap into an intersection? Yeah, right! Nevertheless, Mason got busy hucking big ol’ 180s into the street. I couldn’t believe it. After landing a sketchy 180 he said he’s going to five it. I believe someone asked him if he was serious, to which he replied, “might as well.” At that point I realized I was a dumbass for not trying to shoot it, and ran to the car to grab my shit and set up as quickly as I could. A few tries later it was over — flawless 540, grab and all. The homies on the stairs are a bit distracting, and I’m sure I could have found a better angle, but all in all I was satisfied. This was definitely the biggest gap I’ve ever witnessed in person, and I was glad I got the chance to shoot it. Check out the clip in Mason’s next Remz edit. — Greg King

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Greg King #6

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  • rob zbranek - October 13th, 2010

    Gap is fucking HUUUUUGE! Seriously. S Y F representing!

  • AnthonyMedina - October 14th, 2010


    P.S. Dear Rollingupdates, it’s RICHARD. 😉

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