Megan Petersen / June 5th, 2012 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Megan Petersen #4

Skating in the city with the SF guys is a different world. From houses, to the college, and straight hill bombing… this city has some pretty amazing skating.

This day was spent at an SF state with a grip of people including Kevin Yee, Jim Irvine, Danny Malm, Tyler Noland, Thomas Mcgovern, Matt Rice, Cameron Talbott and, of course, John Vossoughi. San Francisco would not be San Francisco without these guys.

We hit up this ledge inside the school that John Makio to Fakie’d the shit out of. So solid. The session ended with gnarly stair bash to rail lines before the sun went down.

Another glorious day in the city.

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Megan Petersen #4

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  • Erik Allas - June 7th, 2012

    Just went through all your contributions. Great read and awesome snaps. 🙂

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