PHOTO JOURNAL: Scott Moffat #11


Being back in California has been great. I’ve been spending time skating with all of the Kern County and Intuition Land crew that I came up under years ago. Anthony Luna was THE skater that we all looked up to. Luna is a team rider for Intuition Skate Shop and a flow rider for Remz. We used to do a photo session for Intuition every time Remz would come out with a new skate. That was the beginning of my exposure as a photographer in the rolling industry, thanks to Matt’s tireless promotion of the rollerblade scene through his shop and Luna’s charged motivation to get out there and get that shot. Years later, it is great to come back around to the home front and feel the strength of my old rolling community. I have watched Luna constantly push and encourage the young and up-and-coming rollers of Taft, CA, which has a skate park where the rollerbladers often outnumber everyone else; where can you find that? Luna has always been big on negative tricks, and we have definitely sessioned rails much gnarlier than this six stair, but this neg-acid he threw down over and over again was clean every time. Getting my lighting right was the only reason we had to keep shooting because he has negative everything on the lock-down. Equipment used: Nikon D300 on tripod, Nikkor 18-70mm @ 18mm, shot at f/4 @ 1/5 ISO 250. Nikon Speedlight SB-800 at 55º camera right.

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