PHOTO JOURNAL: Zach Leavell #2


Storm Trogdon is one of those skaters that no matter how long he takes a break from skating, he never loses any tricks. He is one of the most talented and consistent skaters I have skated with. Storm came to this wall to drop and said it would be cool to phillips 66 over the wall. When I asked him if he could do it, he looked at me and said he had never done one. I looked back a few seconds later as he skated backwards up to the wall and landed a perfect one, first try. In shock and amazement, I asked him to do one more. I placed one Vivitar 285 on top of a perpendicular ledge to camera left for rim and fill light, and an SB600 slightly to camera right for key light, and shot with a D90 at f4.8 at 1/60. — Zach Leavell

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