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Ask Me Anything: Dre Powell

There aren’t too many pros in blading — active or otherwise — that are as universally celebrated or emulated as Dre Powell. From trend-setting blading to his unforgettable personality and the many video sections, photos and tours in between, Dre’s legacy is one for the record books. Go back more than a decade to the early ’00s when his status from East Coast shredder evolved to internationally-recognized icon, and instead of just basking in his personal success, Dre worked to elevate his scene and fellow rollers. Amongst the many people he inspired or mentored are Will Gordon and Montre Livingston, not to mention videographers such as James Reetzke and Kenny Owens. He skated for Skatepile and Fiziks. He once “fought” Charles Dunkle in a magazine. And he arguably brought the self-styled rapper to rollerblading. For all this and much more, Dre Powell is our very first subject in this new series.

So here’s your chance… Wednesday, January 9th at 1 pm (PST) get on to ask him anything!

Thanks to Jay Dick for the idea.

Discussion / Ask Me Anything: Dre Powell

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  • Isaac - January 8th, 2013

    When you do a hurricane trick, how nervous do you get? Do you have a favorite hurricane trick?

  • Will Walker - January 8th, 2013

    what and when was your first blading related broken bone?

  • JE - January 8th, 2013

    Thanks for dropping some questions guys, but the AMA will take place LIVE on Facebook this Wednesday at 1pm Pacific Standard Time. Check out to be a part of it!

  • laszlo ryba - January 8th, 2013

    is it true that you and korey gonna visitthe backyard skatehall in kalrsruhe, germany ? 😀

  • Loki - January 8th, 2013

    Yo bro since u didn’t come to Winner of Belgrade, will u come this year in Serbia?

  • lester cockburn - January 9th, 2013

    when did you first realize you were gay?

  • nick menses - January 10th, 2013

    that’s just weak Lester cockburn ….

  • Mike Bomhof - February 4th, 2013

    Do you remember when it was cool to bust big air and do double grab spins Josh Petty x games style

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