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BIG DEAL: Jon Jon stops by ONE HQ

Nick Wood gave Jon’s frames a custom art job.

It’s Saturday the 29th and your Skater of the Year just got on a plane to Austin to meet up with the VX/Street Artist posse for a six-week tour. We know ’cause we took him to get on that plane, but before that we had laughs, tanked some brews, and filmed some stuff for his forthcoming SOTY coverage in issue #18. Here’s some of the sights and side stories of his visit. No big deal. — ONE

We’ll let “jakeordie” speculate as to what’s going on here.

The guys at Create Originals sent Jon Jon a care package and a card celebrating his Skater of the Year victory.

Here’s what they wrote on the card.

On Friday Jon Jon moved out of his apartment in Phoenix, so he had all of his possessions with him. This made up a good part of those items.

More of the stuff he was toting around. Ever do the tooth-test on wheels? Those Denials felt pretty good.

Our eco-friendly washer and dryer were not gonna cut it capacity-wise for the load of wash Jon Jon had in mind.

I snuck a peek at dude’s only ID, his passport. Later, when I dropped him at the airport, he thought he’d left it by the crapper. But then found it.

Expect to see a lot more Jon Jon Bolino over the next six weeks as he shreds across the Southwest on tour, and when he graces ONE issue #18 in September.

Discussion / BIG DEAL: Jon Jon stops by ONE HQ

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  • Dragonslayer - May 29th, 2010

    Is that a Nimh t-shirt he’s wearing???? dope as hell, hope those get released!!!!

  • Russ - May 30th, 2010

    thats an ill care package from the CO guys

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