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Catch up with Nils Jansons

Nils Jansons has been a busy blader. He earned his long-rumored pro skate. He just spent a minute in Texas hanging with the Remz team and filming a GC edit. He even went to Mexico. Despite his demanding schedule, Nils made time for Chris Duke to dive in with some questions to bring you the latest on life, travel, blading and more. Here’s your chance to catch up with Nils.

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Where all have you been in the last month?
Last week I got back from Texas where I spent six weeks filming in and around Austin/Dallas for GC and Remz projects. I managed to make it out to Mexico for couple days as well with Dre (Powell). Now I’m safely back home with the loved ones.

Beautiful, and who are you living with right now? Blader crew, or family?
Umm, I have two homes. One is with my family where I grew up and the other is with my girlfriend and her parents which is like home now as well. I don’t rent my own place yet. I like to be with my family when I’m not away.

How was Mexico?
It was pretty much just as I had seen in movies and on the internet, ha ha.

Roll Gap to Bank

Kids and farm animals everywhere you go?
Kinda, yeah, but of course the city center is pretty cool. It was one of the best experiences ever. Completely different world, but at the same time such a strong blading scene and so many juiced people. Luckily all of the people I met were kind, and they were very hospitable towards me and Dre. Loved everything about it, I will probably end up there again for sure.

Awesome. And what about Texas? You said you were working on two projects while there?
Yup and likewise, best times ever.

Most of the time we were at J Glow’s house with Fred, filming around Dallas for my solo online section. Then we went to Austin twice to film there with a bigger crew for GC and to meet my Remz fam, and film promo for my skate. Definitely amazing memories and I miss all of those dudes already.

I understand Medina is going to be coming your way this summer too, right?
Yeah, he and some more shredders from Texas are coming to Europe for Summerclash and to stay for a bit. Hopefully we get to work on some more stuff together, but really I’m just psyched to kick it with those dudes again!

Sick. Now tell me about your boot. How long did you know about it, and how much input were you able to give to it’s design?
I think Kato told me about the idea over a year ago. I was super down and we started working on it straight away. With great help from my man, Janis Zalitis, we came up with a sweet design. I pretty much knew the colors I wanted them to be, but had a lot of freedom to do whatever I wanted with it.

In the end though I just wanted to just keep it simple. I love the classic Remz concept, so I didn’t feel a whole lot needed to be changed. Step by step we made it legit, and I’m super happy about the final product!

Nice, it looks dope for sure! What does it feel like being the only pro on the team aside from Haffey?
Unbelievable, ha ha!

Have you felt any added pressure since he is kind of in a different world now?
Not really, I’m just trying to do my own thing. Haffey is on another level and comes from a different time, but of course I’m trying to keep up with him at least!

Speaking of Haffey, do you think you will ever try any of that mega ramp stuff?
Oh of course! I can’t wait to get the chance to try that. Definitely. Not sure about the double flips, but I sure like big air time.

What do you think about all of the rumors about Remz going out of business? Was it strange hearing that stuff when you knew you had a boot in the works?
What matters is what I know, so all of the rumors I heard didn’t matter to me. When I was in the US Kato’s words were: “As long as I’m alive, Remz will be alive.”

People sometimes talk too much and care about things that really are not important to them. I think what matters is that the passionate people keep going no matter what, and continue inspiring others.

Wally to Invert

Well said. What is it like seeing other riders on your pro boot?
Feels great seeing people like the skate, and that they are happy to support me by riding it. I’m just really thankful for everyone’s support!

Can you tell us anything about this new liner we’ve been seeing photos of?
Oh these?… Ha ha, well these white ones are from a new Remz prototype (which look incredible but probably won’t be seen for a while) that Kato made and I’m just trying out the liners from them. I was skating the Jug before, which were higher than the stock liner, which is why I like these so much.

The tongue is a little wider too which is nice, I bet you guys will be able to see more of them soon.

Well I’ve been skating your boot for the last three weeks and I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind a higher liner, either haha.
Yeah, I feel you there!

Most people love the Remz liner just the way it is though. It’s definitely a matter of what you are used to skating or are comfortable with.

Everybody has their own specifics on how they want their setup to be, tough to please everybody right out of the box you know?

Word. Well why don’t you tell me what summer is like for you, it seems like you’re in a contest every week!
It’s up to me. This summer I’m trying not to plan too many contests. I want to focus on my well-being and filming street stuff for future projects.

I’ll definitely be going to Summerclash, then maybe Barcelona. Really want to make out to the Unit 23 event, because I’ve never been there and that place looks amazing. We have a big event here back home as well, where I’ll try to get as many shredders out there as I can. Generally every summer seems to be getting better, Iim hoping this one is no exception!

Alright Nils, that’ll do it, let’s see those shout outs!
Thank you everybody who has ever believed in me and supported me. I have the best people around me. My family and my homies, I love you all. Keep blading and promoting what you love. Skate Remedyz, put on some GC frames, roll on BHC wheels and get that all at! Oh, and thank you to ONE of course!

Interview by Darkwing Duke
Photos by the impeccable Kaspars Alksnis

Here’s that GC edit Nils was talkin’ about.

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