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Exclusive Audio Interview with Brooke Howard-Smith


The Notorious Brooke Howard-Smith came back to the U.S., and ONE was on-hand to nab a piece of the action as the Barely Dead cameras rolled. More photos and the never-before-heard mp3 interview inside!

Of all the questions we asked Brooke, it never occured to anyone to ask him exactly why he was back in the states, but he was here nevertheless. Hoax reunion? Check. Arlo’s birthday? Rhetorical question. Interview with Tony Hawk for MTV NZ? Why the hell not. BHS is a legend in his own mind, and considering the expanse of his influence and experiences it’s little wonder why. I mean, why else would Jeff Stockwell be sitting on his lap?

jeff and brooke

But perhpas most importantly, Brooke has a perspective that is singularly unique. From the earliest days of the Spohn Ranch, to $17,000 monthly checks from Senate/Bravo, moving forward with Julio and England, and then seemingly vanishing to New Zealand- few in our industry rival his presence. Is that saying too much good about him? Probably, and it’s sure to go right to his head… but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Carl and Shane are filming

At the expense of personal commitments to his best friends, Brooke took time to make a cameo appearance in a certain team video that’s sure to raise an eyebrow, as well as spin some yarns for Barely Dead. We picked his brain about how Senate went from the garage to the big time, what he thinks about rollerblading right now, and what he’s doing in New Zealand to stay true to his roots. Listen to the mp3 here and then check out what it means in the big picture when Barely Dead hits stores in November.


Discussion / Exclusive Audio Interview with Brooke Howard-Smith

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  • Tim Parker - September 12th, 2006

    Amazing, Even more juiced for ONE and Barely Dead now!

  • geoff acers - September 12th, 2006

    god, i hope he skates in that cameo appearance in that certain team video, i remember getting so juiced on his topsoul in BFG. good on ya BHS

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