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PRINT: 15 Minutes with Jess Dyrenforth

Jess Dyrenforth • © brian konoske

According to Arlo Eisenberg, there may not be anyone more qualified to reflect on the state of rollerblading than Jess Dyrenforth. So we had Arlo interview Jess for our 15 Minutes profile in Issue #5. Read the full story there, but be sure to check out these photos showcasing both the work and life of Jess, and enjoy an excerpt from the interview.

Jess D

What do you love most about rollerblading?

Rollerblading means so many different things to me. The act of rollerblading itself is awesome. I love it just as much now as I always have, but for me there are so many facets to it. My involvement with England, Fifty-50 and Daily Bread; all of those different elements have given me totally different perspectives on what rollerblading is and is becoming…

Jess D

Well, let’s talk about the actual act of skating. What is skating like after 30?

Gosh, well, I’m eight years into 30. It’s been kind of like a roller coaster ride. Not that there’s ever been any bad times, but as far as my ability and confidence in skating itself. If I’m skating one or two days a week, I get confident, and I try new tricks, and I learn new tricks, and at those moments I feel fairly invincible and I feel like the sky’s the limit…

Jess D

Tell me about your life now outside of skating and if there are any lessons that you’ve been able to apply from skating to the rest of your life.

I’m heavily involved right now in going to school to learn massage therapy. I’ve been in school for going on a year and a half now. That’s become a really pivotal point in my life and it’s becoming a passion in my life that I’m really, really focused on. It’s something that’s been kind of brewing for a long time and everything that I’ve learned through rollerblading and all the experiences and all the different injuries and accidents I’ve had over the years…

Jess D

England and Fifty-50 have outlasted many other companies that have come and gone and you are going on nearly 30 years in action sports. What is the secret to longevity?

The things that have kept England and Fifty-50 alive really are the passion and desire to have a rollerblading brand that contributes to the industry and makes a difference. I feel that England specifically has done that over the years with some of the marketing that we’ve done and some of the riders who we’ve been behind…

Jess D

Your girlfriend, Tiff, has recently taken up skating. What’s it like watching someone discover rollerblading for the first time?

It’s wonderful. It’s wonderful to see someone who you care about very much discover a passion that you’ve had for so many years, and see them discover it in their own kind of way.

Read the entire interview, only in ONE #5–On sale now!

Discussion / PRINT: 15 Minutes with Jess Dyrenforth

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  • ArtRookie - July 7th, 2007


    rock on mate you were one of the inspirations that kept me on eight wheels. I think it is positive to see the elder statesmen of the scene still involved and ripping in the background. whilst the business face of inline is young vibrant exciting; the fact that old boys are still rolling shows how far the sport has grown. this can only be a good thing as guys like Jess laid the foundations and shaped the scene; that now allows new schoolers a different experience with stronger scene, better products and better events and facilities. Guys like jess, Arlo, Chris Edwards, Jon Julio, B hardin, azikwee, Angie Walton etc helped make this possible.

    I salute you guys, One!!!

  • ele cold - July 8th, 2007

    I have skated with Jess many times and have talked with him and i can easiy say he is one of the nicest coolest guys ive ever met. A real genuine person that belives in what he does and the products he makes. People like Jess and Arlo are the Ones that will Keep our sport alive

  • tiny elvis - July 8th, 2007

    keep it going jess, make it huuuuuge man

  • BorisG - July 8th, 2007

    thank you Jess!

    thank you One!

  • Tucker - July 10th, 2007

    Great pics and nice interview keep up the good work Jess

  • Brian Krans - July 18th, 2007

    Jess, you did a great job documenting blading on the pages of Daily Bread, making quality products with 50-50 and giving life to skating fashion through England. I’ve always loved what you’ve done with skating and I’m glad it’s been so good to you.

  • Jack-AlchemyAustralia - July 21st, 2007

    totally aggree with all the above and because of the hard work put in by all involved namely Arlo,Chris,Jess.. they have created a totally different world, a lifestyle in which anything is possible and can be done with imagination and making it happen. i have been in the scene since 1994-95 just turned 20 last month and it ll always be in my blood and it has inspired me to get involved in the sport myself and be apart of a new company which i did research on for 3months and what i can say is that with somthing fresh like this it ll be good a contributor to the street scene offering some pretty sweet frames and wheels and SOON!! new skates that will be tested next month and released by the end of the year. stay tuned via my myspace page, wishing all the best for everyone and stay updated starting in January when i head out on my Euro Tour 3countries 6months, touring with the Inspin team in poland and the owners around some of the best spots in a number of cities and skating with some of the best rollers in sweden and Denmark..i will have photo’s and hopefully a edit of the whole journey.. all on myspace..

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