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The Dirt on Southern Scum

Hey Chad (Anthony), thanks for getting with us to talk a bit about Southern Scum. First question, what exactly is it the South is going to rise against?
There is no against, just simply again. The entire nation has always had this false view of what it is like down here, both blading and just surviving. Southern Scum is basically a back bone built to help educate the rest of the world what it’s like south of the Mason Dixon Line. The blade scene here is powerful, and at one time the industry seemed to recognize that. But due to the growth/retirement of a lot of our heavy hitters and lack of proper exposure it seems people have turned their backs to the lower region of the U.S. But “against” nothing by any means. We are just prepared to do what it takes for everyone else to know that we are still down here and we are still hungry.

For sure. It’s a familiar situation. We know the South has had a chip on its shoulder since before Rejects. But for real, are skaters in the south pissed… and if so, at what exactly? 
I wouldn’t say anyone’s pissed off. I’m sure there are probably some old heads out there who are just tossing back cold ones right now, or catching up on a little fishing, who probably stop and think, “Well ain’t that a bitch.” Guys that really broke themselves off, or really pushed the barriers with creativity and daringness. But for what, just to be tossed to the side for the next California dreamboat? A lot of our older generations are returning to the field and are ready to fight next to the guys who have been keeping it real this whole time.

How tightly knit is the southern blade scene; is there a lot of cross pollination from state to state and city to city?
Probably just as tight as any blade scene. People seem to get around for contests and blader gatherings, but for the most part I think local crews just try to do their own things.

I know you guys get around as much as you can. (HUZZAH!) Like a couple weekends ago you guys took the SS land yacht and steamed down to Atlanta for the A-Town Stop. Good trip for the crew?
That van is super beneficial. I don’t know how much all the other dudes like it because of the no interior situation, but we have already had plenty of rad times with that thing. The trip to Atlanta was awesome. The Grip and the Julians handled business during the contest. But we mostly just slacked and enjoyed the weekend. Always good uniting as many of the crew as possible. 

Anything particularly wild go down on the road? Anything you can talk about?
That question can’t be answered simply because:

A. That would require way to much typing.
B. We like to live by the unwritten book of the road. 

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Discussion / The Dirt on Southern Scum

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