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The Dirt on Southern Scum

Back to the crew thing for a second — there’s no team, right? Just people that you guys like to kick it with?
The people that associate themselves with SS are pretty much hand picked by myself. A couple of different variables play into that picking. For the most part everyone that rides along are my best friends. Every once in a while we, as a group, give some new doods a shot to get in where they fit in. That does not always work out; we like to keep it pretty low key in some ways. But we are always welcoming to a new face that seems like they like to live life the way we do. The main doods are just people I have grown up with or worked with on different projects in the past. There are a lot more people involved in the company that don’t even skate. Just loyal supporters, family members, and good friends!

When you guys started I first thought you were a shop, I think because of the former thing. But you guys have turned Southern Scum into a purveyor of sick t-shirts and denim vests. Was that always the plan? 
Pinpointing exactly what Southern Scum is can be tough. We are a group of people that like to rollerblade and make cool things to wear. People seem to like the way the clothes look and fit. The handmade limited goods are just something that happened to happen. A few more vest are on the way — Julian Bah has decided to step it up and throw in some work in that department. There are a few other collaboration projects that are going to offer new products with an SS logo on ’em.  The new line is currently being designed and put together for manufacturing. We’re just letting it be what it is and trying to have fun while we make quality clothing for people to wear.

Yeah, you guys make a range of stuff… and what probably caught our attention the most was the shirt/beer coozy/patch combo. That was a cool idea. How do you decide what to focus on, and then how sustainable is the making one-offs business?
There is no real thought process behind those types of ideas. Just spur of the moment decisions.  Made some coozies, made some patches, already had some t-shirts. I guess we are just trying to offer people little things to keep this active line alive while the next one is being put together. As for the cut and sew projects, we will continue to always stay on top of the limited edition goods. Specifically for those who are into owning handmade, good original pieces.

Also should mention noticed you guys were hocking some pipes on the site. Pretty brave! Don’t get Chonged!
Those are collectible paper weights. Phillip and Morris aren’t the biggest SS fans either!

Looking around inside and outside of blading, what companies have influenced and inspired you guys? And what have you learned from those sources?
Medium, England, Kaspa, Jethro, Senate, Rejects, Left Foot Right, Vibralux, Them Goods, Carter’s Tattoo Co., Print Mafia. I guess those all stand out a lot. Pretty much anyone who has ever done it right or made it look tight.

Have Scumpire and Southern Scum ever thought about facing off in some sort of Scum olympics? Winner takes on Shredweiser?
Ha ha, nah. But we’d be down for sure.

Besides the usual drivel, anything you wanna squeeze in here and get people thinking about?
Be kind and rewind. Keep on pushing. Hold your head up and love one another. But to anyone out there who finds themselves out there, not into what we are doing — suck it. We can only keep rising. Because The South Will Rises Again.

Ha ha, there’s that rising thing again. Good luck with everything guys, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with next. 
We look forward to showing you. Thanks ONE.

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