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The World According to Kevin

Kevin LaPierre has gone from semi-obscure Canadian talent to a name recognized around the world. His relentless dedication to the craft of blading puts him in front of many cameras and edits, and now he’s moved on to winning contests and putting more of his own money into touring with the homies. KLP is also undergoing that transformation of life responsibilities that face so many blade brethren, so we reached out and asked him some questions about getting his first apartment, funding the dream and staying on his blades. Here’s a taste of the world according to Kevin.

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Kevin, I saw you post on FB that you need a job. One response would be: of course. What have you been doing for money recently?
Yeah, I was working at D-Structure proshop in Montreal (a new one), but they closed, so… For the last 6 months I’ve done some contests and shows (Pow Wow, A-Town Stomp…). Also, one month ago, I came back from Alaska where I did ten days of shows with a company from Florida! It was a really great experience.

On that post I was talking about, one of your friends commented “Professional Rollerblader,” like it was a real option. Ha ha. What have your full time blade prospects looked like?
Ha ha yeah, I saw that… Just fun every day, you know! I’m working on some new projects, but now the weather in Canada starts to get bad because winter is coming. But I try to get away to where the weather is good.

Fishbrain to Fakie / Photo by Lecompte

Not too long ago you got your first apartment! What has the experience of living on your own showed you about the world, your needs, and maybe what blading can offer?
It’s been pretty cool! In Montreal they have a lot of good spots, but I wasn’t prepared to pay for a room when I am not there for a month or a week… but that’s life. And it’s cool to know that when I come home from a trip I have beautiful place to stay!

Recently you won the A-town Stomp then went on the road with the Useless Tour — what was that like?
I think it was one of the craziest months in my life! Just before the event, the guys from Southernscum asked me if I wanted to do a tour all along the west coast with a couple bladers in a van. So I was like, “Yeah for sure, but I need a little bit of money that I don’t have… But I won $1,000 in Atlanta so the day or night after the contest I met all the guys that I was gonna be on tour with and they couldn’t have been better people.

Tell us a story from the road.
Ah, there’s so many! But this one happened — I think it was two days after we were in New Mexico. We hit a couple good spots, and even though the last spot was a handrail in a grocery store parking lot (normally a kick out), we all skated the same rail together and that was pretty dangerous with the cars. Then ten minutes later cops came out and asked us to have fun but just to watch the cars. Two minutes after that the store security guard came out with a grocery cart full of what had to be 40 bottles of water(!) and said, “Have fun guys… but watch the cars!” And we were like “Damn, we love New Mexico!”

When people say “The struggle is real” what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Ha ha hum… That’s cool for them!

Kind Grind / Photo by Lavallee

If you lived anywhere except Montreal, where would you move?
I think for now it would be California and Barcelona.

What’s the next blade outing you’re looking forward to?
Hmmm… I can’t wait to skate the Blading Cup in November and to see all my homies for the premier of the UseleSStour in October!

Blade setup right now?
Rollerblade SB pro skate, GC 3 frames, Scribe 59mm Tim Franken wheels.


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Planning on more freestyle ice blading this winter?
Yeah for sure, I met a couple people from companies who are down to do something bigger with that… So we will see!

Anything else to rap about before we let you go?
“Damn right I like the life I live ‘Cause I went from negative to positive. And it’s all…”

Portrait by Camus

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