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Drunk & Dirty with “Up and At ’em”

Some guys I know made a video. I wanted to watch it and do a review, but, you know — do something a little different. In that spirit and solely in service to this review, I drank four tall Nordeasts and a plethora of Mellow Yellow’n whiskeys while watching Up and At ’em. Here’s the thoughts I managed to string together in a “review.”

* * * *

Cody Nehiba is a pile of shit in the best of ways. That intro was awesome, and I haven’t seen a “creative” intro to a section in quite a while that didn’t annoy me!

Cody has one of those parts that you’re not entirely sure about in the first 30 seconds, but by the end I was so stoked at all of the things he had done! Minnesota has been watching him for about six or seven years now, and I think I speak for everyone here when I say how proud we all are of how good he has become! My favorite part of this section is a fakie inspin mizou revert 270 to tru sav. DOPE!

After the beginning of Isiah’s section I realized that each one would start like a morning after a night of heavy, HEAVY drinking. Isiah finishes off this bottle of Black Velvet which made me want to fucking puke!

Isiah is another skater that we have watched do nothing but progress over the years and I have to say, this section is no exception! Disasters, switches and switch ups, Isiah fucking killed it and it is a section definitely to take note of.

Onto the Friends Section! Clips from various killers including the ridiculously underrated Chase Linzmeyer, Blake O’brien, Brett Dasovic, Michael Garlinghouse and many more! The highlight? Chris Farmer lays down a fucking WILD clip that you have to see!!!!

Next up is Shane McClay. Shane’s sections in the past have been a little on the under whelming side, but this section? Shane put in a ton of work and threw down! The highlight for this section, a 360 down a set of stairs and then an ao mak to fish on a rail right next to a wall. Shit was laced.

Kevin Yee, what’s left to say that hasn’t been said? He skates shit that your average skater wouldn’t even think to try and on top of that he makes it look easy! There are too many tricks to highlight, but one that stuck out to me was a topsoul on the low part of a bike rail and then hopping over the tall part to a switch topsoul on the other side. There is so much wild shit in this edit though, I honestly was blown away.

Josh fucking Ulrichsen. This guy has been slaying it in the midwest for the better part of a decade and going way too low under the radar. Josh is my “can do no wrong” skater. I’ve watched him land the most amazing tricks and over the last maybe 5 years, he’s decided to skate whatever he wants, and how ever the fuck he wants to.

Jeph Howard, the sovereign Prince of Minnesota. It’s worth noting Jeph’s intro, because it’s fucking hilarious. Totally stiffs shot gunning a beer, and then throws up in front of a family. It’s fantastic.

Per usual, Jeph does some big scary shit that no one else wants to do. On top of that, he does switch tricks on them. The highlight trick for me is probably this tru fish he does over the top part of a hand rail, it’s perfect. His ender is pretty fucking wild, too.

On to the last section, muh boy Wilson Robinson!!! Wilson has an awesomely unique style I have always loved, and he looks just like Aaron Rodgers. Compact, fast, Valo. My favorite trick is this sweet zero to front torque on an out rail. Gaps and unique features, it’s probably my favorite Wilson section to date!

The outro is nice, and I was actually a little bummed because it really is the end of this rad chapter that Isiah and his friends brought to the Twin Cities (or is it?).

Go but the video HERE! It’s only $7.99!

Discussion / Drunk & Dirty with “Up and At ’em”

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