Alan Hughes / October 13th, 2012 / The Wire
2012 Geneva Bowl Contest

“Geneva has perhaps one of the most historic and richest communities of rollerbladers in the world. So its amazing to see it coming back on the scene with such enthusiasm from not only the locals but with main names from all over the world. If you’ve not experienced the Swiss skate scene yet, then you must! Not just for the rollerblading but you will meet amazing people and really understand what community is all about.

Featuring skaters such as Dominik Wagner, Blake Bird, Nils Jansons, Stephan De Freitas, Joey Egan and more…

Edited by Ben Shelbourne

SPECIAL THANKS TO : Kaltik Hardware, The Conference, Hedonskate, Le Café du Cinéma”

Discussion / 2012 Geneva Bowl Contest

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