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2014 Panhandle Pow Wow Edit by Southern Scum

“Sadly enough, the regular van trip was not orchestrated. But as you can tell from the edit above, southernscum made it to pow wow, and we were in full affect. Too many memories were created, and it was nothing but sunshine the whole trip. Between the camping, the conversations, the water, and the blading, we had such a good time we stayed longer than planned. The pow wow is always an inspiring experience, no matter how you get your taste. One thing is for sure, the southern region of the United States offers a contest once a year in Jacksonville Florida. Just as southernscum, it is a vertebrae in a well oiled machine that is churning towards the top. There isn’t anyone, or anything that can to stop us. We will continue to push forward, continue to rise.

Thank you to Blake Taylor and The Pow Wow crew, for another amazing weekend. Thank you to all the new friends for allowing each of us to get to know each of you. Thank you KONA sk8park for bending the rules for a few hundred skaters. Thank you to all the other companies that ran booths and showed SS so much respect and love. More than anything, thank you to all the competitors, when it became show time, you each turned up.

Catch you next year Florida.


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