Alan Hughes / April 18th, 2023 / The Wire
Bladies in Barcelona / How Skating Changes Your Mindset

“We inaugurate the Mindset and street sessions section on our YouTube channel with this episode of the great meeting of Debora Cardenas and Javiera Garrido, skating in the incredible streets of Barcelona. You will be able to know how they think when facing the spots and know their points of view about skating, we hope you enjoy it.

This video emphasizes the importance of discovering who we are and living life to the fullest in order to find happiness. Knowing our passions helps us find a clear path towards achieving our goals.

This video reminds us that life is an adventure that we should embrace with open arms. Inline skating and street skating are not only about the physical activity but also about the mindset that comes with it. Discovering our passions and embracing challenges allows us to unlock our full potential and live life to the fullest.”

Discussion / Bladies in Barcelona / How Skating Changes Your Mindset

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